Uk Buyers Undaunted by Brexit

Uk Buyers Undaunted by Brexit

It’s official! The vast majority of UK buyers eyeing a move to la Belle France are not letting Brexit get in the way of their dream.

Despite the doom and gloom predicted, it seems Britons have taken the apocalyptic headlines and spine-tingling projections with a pinch of salt.

According to the latest report from BNP Paribas International Buyers, not only are two thirds of UK buyers (65%) still pressing ahead with their property search in the Eurozone, but 30% have actually sped up their plans to move to France to beat Brexit.

“This is great news and we hope many more people realise that Brexit or not France is a buyers’ market,” says Annick Dauchy, FrenchEntrée Property Business Development Manager. “It’s only confirming what we already gleaned from our recent Brexit poll and our daily conversations with clients. Buyers are realising that playing the waiting game may not be to their advantage. Yes, there is still uncertainty and there will be for some time but this should not deter serious buyers. In fact, many are keen to take advantage of the very attractive low mortgage rates currently available in France.”

The Investing & Living Abroad survey also reveals that Britons are still the top foreign investors in France, making up 32% of non-resident transactions last year – twice as much as Belgians for instance.

British property buyers are also among the top three foreign investors in 15 out of 21 French regions.

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