owning a property in france after brexit

Buying a Property in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

The UK has officially left the EU and the Withdrawal Agreement is now in effect, but what does this mean for future France property buyers? Brexit won’t prevent British people retiring to France or purchasing a second home in France,

Retirees and Pensions in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

  The rights of British expats retired in France are protected under the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, but you probably still have a lot of questions about what changes moving forward. Here’s what you need to know about your securing

Brexit - healthcare

Healthcare in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

British expats resident in France before January 1st, 2021, have their rights protected under the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. But what does that mean with regards to healthcare? Do you need to apply for a Carte Vitale? Are

Taxes in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

Will the UK’s exit from the EU affect your French tax and social charges in 2021? Will your pension be taxed differently if you live in France? Will second-home owners in France now be liable for capital gains tax if


Brexit Deal Does Little for the Pound

After the Brexit deal was agreed we saw a timid rise in GBP/EUR which nearly reached 1.12 on Christmas Eve. Soon after, the rate dropped to levels of 1.10 where it has remained for most of the festive period. So

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Pound-to-Euro under Brexit pressure

Last week we saw the pound fall nearly 4% against the euro. Not great news for those in the UK looking to exchange their funds into euros to pay for their dream property in France. The only thing that stopped

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Webinar Registration

FrenchEntrée Property Tips Webinars – Buying in France before Brexit. Dreaming of owning a property in France, but unsure on what you need to know pre Brexit? Following on from the success of the first webinar (which is now available

Ask the Experts: The Highs and Lows of Currency

Mar Bonnin-Palmer makes sure you don’t get caught out by post-Brexit swings in the currency market How come using a currency specialist costs less than a bank? Exchanging funds is a currency specialist’s primary activity; while a High Street bank

Expat News: British Invasion

Once again, Britons have topped the number of foreign buyers in France, despite the growing uncertainty surrounding Brexit… British buyers accounted for 27 per cent of all purchases by non-residents in 2018, according to a new report by BNP Paribas

Brexit - mortgages

Mortgages in France after Brexit

For those wondering about the chances of getting a mortgage in France after Brexit, you can still get a 20-year fixed rate mortgage at historically low rates, and house prices in France are still affordable. If your dream has been

Driving in France

Ask the Experts: Driving Q&A with AA

From European breakdown cover to electric car charging points and Air Protection Zones, the AA team gets down to brass tacks Q.Some French cities are now “low-emission zones” and fine older, less fuel-efficient cars for being on the road. Are

Q&A: The Highs and Lows of Currency

Mar Bonnin-Palmer makes sure you don’t get caught out by post-Brexit swings in the currency market. Q. I’m off on a viewing trip in a couple of months. I tend to exchange money directly at the airport but I seem

Brexit concept EU and UK puzzles

Uk Buyers Undaunted by Brexit

It’s official! The vast majority of UK buyers eyeing a move to la Belle France are not letting Brexit get in the way of their dream. Despite the doom and gloom predicted, it seems Britons have taken the apocalyptic headlines

Droit des successions on a chalk board

European Succession Law and Brexit

Brussels IV – The EU succession regulation Two years ago the EU succession regulation – more commonly known as Brussels IV – came into force. But how is this affecting British nationals who live, or own property, in France? The