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luxury interior for a french home

Lifestyle Interiors – Designs on a Life Less Ordinary

Fashions come and go, but Pierre Sauvage, director of homewares company Casa Lopez, has his finger firmly on the pulse. Here he tells Marion Sauvebois how he put his keen eye for style to work when renovating his homes and shares his top interior design tips…


Off to the Vineyard: Investing in Wine Production

Investing in a vineyard is a common dream and certainly a growing trend. But it can be a risky and ruinous business if not given proper consideration. It is not simply a case of buying a lovely country home, or

The Grandest of Designs – Château du Lude

When Barbara de Nicolaÿ came to live at the Château du Lude, creating the magnificent gardens helped her adjust to her new life, she tells Marion Sauvebois   We take a sneak peek inside the Vallée du Loir’s crown jewel,


No Stone Left Unturned – A Garden in the Limousin

  Derek Handy tells Marion Sauvebois about his struggles to create a wonderful garden…   Concrete telegraph poles, 30 car batteries, building rubble, freezers – oh, and bolts and chicken wire,” Derek Handy reels off, totting up a baffling catalogue

Buying into Burgundy

  Former hotel-barge operators Eleanor Garvin and Dennis Sherman abandoned ship three years ago to restore a tired pile in Burgundy’s verdant vignobles. The proud hoteliers invite FrenchEntrée behind the scenes at the luxury Domaine de Cromey.   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE:

Mon Jardin Français: Growing Exotic Plants in France

Marion Sauvebois speaks to a former nursery owner with a penchant for the exotic… “Mais Madame, ici le climat c’est rude!” boomed the goggle-eyed civil servant, having patiently listened to Gill Pound reel off her barmy plan to open a

European and British flag merged

Looking on the Bright Side of Brexit

Marion Sauvebois speaks to property and finance experts to offer some positive advice for French house hunters… Ah Brexit… these days you can’t take one step without catching an earful of shudder-inducing news bulletins, a glimpse of an apocalyptic headline,

All Hail Charente-Maritime

  It’s official! Savvy travellers voted with their feet – and their little tootsies led them to the Charente-Maritime. The Nouvelle Aquitaine département was the most visited summer destination in 2016 (and for the third year running, no less) new

Buying into Burgundy

Former hotel-barge operators Eleanor Garvin and Dennis Sherman abandoned ship three years ago to restore a tired pile in Burgundy’s verdant vignobles. The proud hoteliers invite FrenchEntrée behind the scenes at the luxury Domaine de Cromey.   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to France?

Brexit concept EU and UK puzzles

Uk Buyers Undaunted by Brexit

It’s official! The vast majority of UK buyers eyeing a move to la Belle France are not letting Brexit get in the way of their dream. Despite the doom and gloom predicted, it seems Britons have taken the apocalyptic headlines

French Finish Family

Mission Impossible – in Search of the Dream Hamlet

Marion Sauvebois meets a Finnish-French couple who clocked in 25,000km across 15 départements in search of their dream…hamlet FrenchEntrée Magazine: What drew you to Tarn-et-Garonne? Suska Karjalainen & Nicolas Prevot: After roughly four months of house-hunting, viewing 100 houses (including farms, castles, mills, ruins, you name it),

Euro coins piles on Europe map with British pound sterling coins

Lost in Conversion: The Art of Freelancing Abroad

Getting the best exchange rate is vital to offset unpredictable currency fluctuations and should be British freelancers’ number one priority in France. Adam Jordan at moneycorp sheds light on the benefits of using a foreign exchange specialist Pay Cut Most

Used Notes Notes Euro Currency Finance Money 50

What Will Your Money Be worth after Brexit? We Asked an Expert

With the UK General Election looming, we asked Adam Jordan, foreign exchange dealer at moneycorp, how to mitigate the risk of buying in France and minimise the impact of currency movements on transactions. FE: The pound took a major hit after the referendum, will the upcoming election

Property Investment in France: What Type of Investment?

Investing in France Is Common Sense – Pure and Simple. Year after year, the Hexagon continues to be the most visited country in the world, with Paris attracting more tourists than any other destination in Europe. Savvy Britons have already


In the Land of Plenty, Where Should You Invest?

With one of the most regulated property markets in the world, France has always been a great place to invest. Holiday lets are a lucrative business, and buying a second home is perhaps the best, and most assured way to invest your

Buy-to-Let in Paris and The Île-de-France Region

The Île-de-France region, which includes and encircles Paris, suffers from a shortage of homes, largely owing to the poor rate of housing construction, relative to the size of the market. A strict planning approach, especially in Paris, is mainly to

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Frankreich

Buy-to-Let in France

Buy-to-let has long been a popular concept and, despite the economic downturn is for many a great way of generating an income. Buy-to-let generally means buying a property to let out on a long-term basis to permanent tenants but it can

Swimming pool with new builds

The Pros and Cons of New Builds

It is a truth universally acknowledged (on the Hexagon anyway) that the French really do prefer to buy new properties. Across France, in cities, towns and tiny villages, new builds are being snapped up by buyers. However, they now have

European and British flag merged

Brexit Survey: The Lowdown

Buyers are not letting the Brexit vote get in the way of their French dream, according to a poll by FrenchEntrée magazine. We asked would-be expats and prospective buyers whether the UK’s decision to pull out of the EU had

European flag with one star crossed out as representation for Brexit

Theresa May Triggers Article 50

Theresa May’s decision to trigger Article 50 marks the start of perhaps the most complex negotiations ever undertaken by a British government. Before both sides can get down to business they will have to decide what form the process will