Off to the Vineyard: Investing in Wine Production

Off to the Vineyard: Investing in Wine Production

Investing in a vineyard is a common dream and certainly a growing trend. But it can be a risky and ruinous business if not given proper consideration. It is not simply a case of buying a lovely country home, or estate, but embracing a new and completely different lifestyle. Whatever you do, proceed with caution and consider every aspect – that means production.

In some parts of France you can acquire a vineyard for under €2m, an attractive price. But don’t get sidetracked by the surrounding beauty or idyllic château on the grounds. What you should really be looking at is the quality and reputation of the wine as you might be flogging a dead horse with no scope for improvement or development. To make a profit a vineyard needs to be producing at least between 40,000 and 50,000 bottles a year.

At FrenchEntrée we would definitely recommend buying a vineyard that produces quality wine with an appellation,” explains Annick Dauchy, FrenchEntrée Property Business Development Manager. “A vineyard without an appellation in a less prestigious area might be cheaper to buy but the wine will only ever fetch a lower price.” 

Appellation: a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown.

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