Herald 14 1405 €

Herald 14 1405 €

The Hunter Herald 14 stove is part of a range of wood burning stoves that have been creatively designed to combine the latest in stove technology with traditional good looks and values. The Hunter Herald airwash ensures the glass is kept clean for a complete view of the fire and the stove features a removable throat plate, giving full and easy access for sweeping the chimney. It is also safe and efficient for over-night burning.

The Hunter Herald 14 stove has the option of an integral boiler which provides a 45,000btu output which can run radiators and hot water.

Heat output 12-16 kW
Flat Top
Width 730mm
Height 595mm
Depth 500mm
Low Canopy
Width 770mm
Height 810mm
Depth 500mm
High Canopy
Width 770mm
Height 930mm
Depth 500mm
Flue Size 6″ (152mm)
Ht Ctr Rear Flue 490mm (F/T), 700mm (L/C), 820mm (H/C)
Flue Options Top or Rear Flue (interchangeable)
Optional Boiler Integral Boiler Stove price €1405

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    2022-07-20 05:53:03
    Bonjour, je souhaiterai une documentation sur vos poele à bois villager. Merci d'avance. Cordialement. N.Fouquet.


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    BONJOUR je désirerai une documentation sur un poêle bouilleur HERALD 14 Tres cordialementnt