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International Schools in France

If you are moving to France with children or raising bilingual children in France, one option is to send your children to a French state school. In many areas, particularly in rural France, this might be the only option available, but a second option could be to send your child to an International School. Let’s take a closer look at your options for International Schools in France.

What Kind of International Schools Are There in France?

International schools in France tend to follow one of three educational structures:

  • the primary language is English and all classes are taught in English, with French taught as a secondary language.
  • the school offers a fully bilingual program, whereby half of the lessons are taught in English (or another language) and half of the lessons are taught in French.
  • the primary language is French and there is an allocated weekly amount of time devoted to classes in English or other language (typically these are French schools that have a ‘section internationale‘). 

International Schools in France

There are both American and British international schools in France, many of which can be found in Paris, but there are also several in other regions. Some of these also schools offer the International Baccalaureate. Here are some of the options.


  • Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP)
  • British School of Paris
  • EIB Paris (Ecole Internationale Bilingue)
  • The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris
  • Collège Fédérico Garcia Lorca
  • College International De Fontainebleau (Anglophone Section)
  • Ecole Internationale Bilingue (EIB Paris)
  • Ecole Jeannine Manuel
  • Ecole Russe
  • Eurécole
  • International Deutsche Schule Paris
  • International School of Paris
  • Lycée International-American Section
  • Lycée International-British Section
  • Lycée International Montessori
  • Lycée de Sèvres
  • Notre Dame International High School
  • Swedish School in Paris
  • United Nations Nursery School


  • CIPEC (Centre International Privé pour l’Education et la Culture)
  • EPIM (Marseille and Luynes)
  • International Bilingual School (IBS) of Provence
  • Sainte Victoire International School (Fuveau)

La Baule

  • Cité Scolaire Internationale de Grand Air


  • Bordeaux International School
  • Montessori Hossegor


  • Cité Scolaire Internationale de Grenoble
  • American School of Grenoble


  • Ecole Jeannine Manuel


  • Ecole Bilingue Greenfield
  • Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon
  • International School of Lyon


  • Ecole Privée Bilingue Internationale


  • International School of Nantes

Nice and Riviera

  • International School of Nice
  • Mougins School
  • International School of Monaco


  • International School of Béarn


  • Collége et Lycée-Internat de l’île-de-France


  • Bilingual International School of Strasbourg
  • Lycée International Les Pontonniers de Strasbourg
  • European School of Strasbourg
  • Ecole Internationale Robert Schuman Strasbourg


  • International School of Toulouse

French Lycées with a ‘Section Internationale

Addition to the International Schools listed above, you may also be interested to learn about the international sections within certain French lycées. In addition to teaching the French curriculum, students are also taught to A level standard in English. This allows successful students to go on to study for the Option Internationale Baccalauréat (not the same as the International Baccalaureate mentioned above). This is essentially the same as a French Baccalauréat but certain subjects are taught and examined in English to a standard comparable to the equivilalent in the UK (A Levels) or United States (AP). 

Studying in France?

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