Why I Love France: My Passion for French Food

Why I Love France: My Passion for French Food

My husband and I started coming to France on holiday when our children were small. We’d drive through France, stopping in Burgundy before venturing towards the Alps. I loved trying all the traditional delicacies and local dishes on offer. For me the greatest delight in France is shopping daily for freshly made artisan foods.

Last year we bought a town house in Marseillan Ville, Languedoc. It needed a lot of work, but after a winter working hard with our builder we’re beginning to relax and discover the beauty of the area. The local people are friendly and welcoming and gladly share where we can find marinas, canals, vineyards and secluded market towns in the area.

We’ve had an apartment in the Haute Alps for 10 years. The mountains, forests and lakes at every turn are breathtaking. We enjoy the sunshine, food and outdoor life. After visiting the Herault region we decided to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in the South. I’m excited by all the seafood, the wonderful wines and the vast array of gorgeous cheeses, fruit and vegetables in the markets and shops.

I’ve been a cookery teacher in English schools all my working life and I now run a website and workshops supporting people learning to cook. Currently I’m on holiday in the Languedoc but it certainly doesn’t stop me cooking and enjoying food. The biggest joy in life is sharing a meal with good ingredients and that’s not a problem in France!

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Barbara has been a cookery teacher in England all her working life but owned an apartment in the Haute Alps for 10 years, visiting as often as she could during the holidays. She has recently bought a house in the Languedoc with her husband, which they are gradually renovating.

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