Park at the abbaye

Renovation Case Study: Praise Be… At Last

Having bought an abbey in Burgundy on a whim, Tanith and Clive Cummings were met with a petition from angry locals. The couple tell Jeannine Williamson how they battled on Mild curiosity from new neighbours followed by initial exchanges in

Buying into Burgundy

Former hotel-barge operators Eleanor Garvin and Dennis Sherman abandoned ship three years ago to restore a tired pile in Burgundy’s verdant vignobles. The proud hoteliers invite FrenchEntrée behind the scenes at the luxury Domaine de Cromey.   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to France?

Buying Hotspots – SAUMUR

The FrenchEntrée Property Services team reveal their top areas in which to begin your property search – including tips from our local partner agencies

Eguisheim in Alsace

Village Beauties: A Tour of Vézelay, Burgundy

Stéphane Bern, the author of The Best Loved Villages of France, dedicated to France’s best loved villages, reveals his passion for village life and gives us a tour of Vézelay in Burgundy.

Winter recipe: Chicken, leek and Comté pie

Comté cheese is a pressed, cooked cheese from the Massif du Jura region in eastern France. Its nutty flavour makes it perfect for hearty winter recipes such as this take on a British classic: chicken and leek pie. Combined with tarragon

photo by Will Clayton via Flickr

Soul food from Burgundy: coq au vin

A classic French dish made with chicken braised in red wine. With its deep colour and rich flavour this coq au vin recipe is the perfect slow-food to make any dinner guest feel special.

Classic French dish: Boeuf Bourguignon

In the winter we all need dishes such as this to nourish body and soul. Florence Derrick charts the origins and history of this all-time French classic, a slow-cooked stew that’s equally pleasurable at home or sampled at your favourite bistro

Photo by Jun Seita

Boeuf Bourguignon: a French classic

Want to impress your friends? Why not try out the most famous of all French dishes, le Boeuf Bourguignon? Here’s a tried and tested recipe.

Leaving Minnesota for the Lot et Garonne

When Katie and her husband moved from the US to France, they bought a vineyard in the Vendée before taking on a farmhouse in Lot et Garonne. Here she tells FrenchEntrée about their journey so far and the cookery website that is keeping her busy.

Properties to Suit All Budgets in Southern Burgundy

A guest blog from our property finder in Burgundy, Laura Murat What does the Charollais/Brionnais area have to offer? Something for everyone with properties for all budgets: [slideshow] 1. For those looking for a renovation project, this Brionnais farmhouse near La Clayette could be

Fabulous for foodies

There’s nothing quite like settling down to a delicious local speciaility in a bustling city bistro for a true taste of France. Just take Lyon for example, or Bordeaux, Dijon…

Living and working in Burgundy

Not too many years ago, in what now seems a completely separate universe, I sat gazing out of my office window in London. I longed to be in Burgundy. Over the years, I had fallen in love with the region and its inhabitants as we passed through on holidays elsewhere in Europe…

Blind date led to new life in Burgundy

When Steve and I were introduced to each other, on a blind date nearly 8 years ago, we discovered that we both harboured a dream to live in France. In 2002 we started our hunt for the “perfect property” and after 2 years we found plenty of properties we didn’t want but none that we did…

The wonderful walnuts of Corrèze

Following the season of excess, we have been trying to give our systems a rest. Hunting around the store cupboard for a creative addition to cheer up a plate of salad, I came across a bottle of pure gold, a real taste of summer…

Burgundy bike tours

Looking for new friends in Burgundy?

Looking for new friends in Burgundy? Peter Edmunds, president of the association Burgundy Friends talks to FrenchEntrée Burgundy about how he came to live in Burgundy and about the Burgundy Friends association.

Julies house

Moving to Burgundy

After a terrible house move in England and just one too many snarl ups on the M25 our decision was made, Burgundy was no longer just the place we went to for holidays, we were going to make the BIG move.

Burgundy Property Styles & Where to Buy!

“A Burgundy barn”Think of Burgundy and you imediately conjure up images of rolling green hills, rivers, lakes and obviously vineyards. With such varied landscapes, Burgundy offers an incredible wealth of housing styles and possibilities.

Houses to rent in Bugundy

Renting in Burgundy

Before making a life changing decision, such as moving to Burgundy, have you thought about ‘testing the waters’ and finding a property to rent? Or, if you know your heart …

Burgundy wines in the Saone et Loire

The Côte Chalonnaise covers approximately 25km between Chagny and Saint Vallerin and is named after the town, Chalon-sur-Saône. The soil on which the vines grow and the techniques used to produce the wine is similar to that of the Côte D’Or.

Beaujolais wine in the Saone et Loire

Did you know that certain Grand Cru Beaujolais wines are actually grown, harvested and produced in Burgundy? The transition between the Maçonnais area and Beaujolais is difficult to decipher, …

The story of Burgundy wines

Did you know that wine cultivation was brought to Burgundy by the Romans? And that if you enjoy a good glass of Chablis, it’s thanks to the Benedictine monks who would drink a mixture of soil and water to work out which grapes would grow best on which soils.

Burgundy’s parks and gardens

Looking for a breath of fresh air? French Entrée takes a stroll around the many parks and gardens available in the Yonne.

Burgundy Chablis ham!

No doubt you enjoy sipping Chablis in the Burgundy son but why not accompany your glass with this very simple and delicious dish…

Burgundy Bresse chicken

Bresse poultry is the only poultry in France that has an AOC (appellation of Quality). Here’s your chance to give the turkey a rest until next Christmas and try le poulet de Bresse à la crème…