Vineyards at Solutre in Burgundy, recently added to the UNESCO cultural sites list

A property guide to Burgundy

When you hear the name Burgundy it conjures up most of all the fabulous wines that make the area so famous: Chablis, Nuits St George, Meursault and the list goes on…..   But Burgundy has much to offer beyond the

Touring Languedoc-Roussillon in a classic car

Guy Hibbert fulfils a long-held ambition, driving a classic Italian sports car on a 36-hour road trip through Languedoc-Roussillon, leisurely taking in the area’s hugely pleasurable range of seafood, wines, mountains and medieval architecture along the way…

Languedoc Traditions Jousting in Sète

Languedoc Traditions: Jousting in Sète

One Sètois tradition is guaranteed to jolt the Languedoc from the languor of midsummer days. Water jousting was a popular medieval sport in the South of France, first appearing in Sète in 1666, at the inauguration of the Canal Royale.

Eiffel tour in Paris

Thoughts on Returning to Paris

While engaged in a conversation discussing the recent terrorist events in Paris, I was asked if I was going to move forward with my plans to visit France later this year. The question caught me slightly off guard. Of course

Metrostation Paris sign

My First Trip to Paris

My first visit to Paris was a remarkable experience, which I will never forget. I booked the Dover-Calais ferry and drove with my wife from London in the cold Christmas weather. We intended to stay until the New Year in

French television

Watching local TV is one of the best ways to keep up with what is happening in the country and improve your language skills.

Events in Centre

From Amboise and Bourges to Tours and Vierzon, the Centre boasts a wide variety of music concerts, sporting events and festivals celebrating local heritage and gastronomy – something for everyone.

Wilfred Owen memorial

Wilfred Owen: Death of a Poet

Having suffered a gas attack, frostbite and shellshock – and chronicled the horrors of the Western Front by letter and in his poems – Wilfred Owen thought he would survive the war…

Lake Annecy

MGM’s New Lakeside Homes

The popularity of new residential developments around Lake Annecy in the Haute Savoie region of France has prompted the developer to draw up plans for several other new schemes close to what has been dubbed ‘the cleanest lake in Europe.’

“I love photographing old buildings”

Beverley and Scott Middleton bought a holiday home in Brittany in 2005. Here, the couple tell us how after viewing 35 houses in 10 days, they fell in love with a property near Carhaix in central Brittany – a part of the world that also inspires Bev’s passion for photography.

Paris skyline

A Guide to the Arrondissements of Paris

Paris is divided into 20 administrative districts (arrondissements) each with very distinctive atmospheres and attractions. They are arranged in a spiral shape that begins in Paris’ historical centre and works outwards to more modern areas.

A new tax haven in France

The news that French president Nicolas Sarkozy is to overhaul his country’s wealth tax system next year has prompted a leading French property developer to target wealthy Britons in a bid to encourage them to make their homes in Annecy.

French television channels

This short guide will help you get to know what each of the main French television channels has to offer and also provides an introduction to some of the most popular programmes currently shown in France.

Buying and Renovating an Auction Property Part 2

Image not found.Buying a property at auction is an exciting prospect, buying an auction property that needs total renovation promised to be an even bigger challenge for James and Vanessa HOPKINS. In the concluding artcile of this two part story, Vanessa describes the renovation work…

Photo by Winsker

Guide to dog vaccinations in France

A vaccine is designed to stimulate your pet’s immune system so they have a ‘memory’ of a certain disease. This means they will have a faster and stronger immune system reaction to battle against the disease. Here is our guide of important dog vaccinations in France and their French names.


Minervois Property

The Minervois is an area that ticks a lot of boxes when looking for an ideal property in the Languedoc: it has the wine, the climate, the beauty and the peacefulness many associate with the good life in the south of France. Read on to see if the Minervois is the area for your dream home in the sun. “Minervois Property”


Property in the Bassin De Thau

The Bassin de Thau – a majestic salt water lagoon south-west of Montpellier – is a firm favourite for holiday makers and sea-dogs alike. And who would blame them? With access to acres of sandy beaches, some of the best seafood in France, and fantastic transport links, berthing here makes for an excellent investment. “Bassin de Thau Property Guide”

Camargue Rice

“Camargue red rice”Rice might seem a pretty ordinary food, an item we take for granted. It goes with our curry or risotto, it is more of an add-on than a feature ingredient. But the majority of rice consumed in France is grown right here in the south of France, in the Delta of the Rhône valley. And not just any rice, but many varieties, including the gourmet red rice used by the best chefs. This has a great colour, fantastic texture and nutty flavour.

Camargue Rice from the Languedoc, and Rice Salad Recipe

A look at the traditional rice cultivation in the region, and a yummy recipe too! The first cultivation of rice in the Camargue dates back to around 1600. There are now 10,000 hectares of rice grown in the region, much of it exported across the world.
“Camargue Rice”

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Property Guide – Languedoc-Roussillon

Thinking of buying a property in Languedoc-Roussillon? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

Languedoc Wine

“Languedoc Vineyards, Pic St Loup”Languedoc is the oldest producer of wine in France, and one of the most prolific wine producing regions of the world. Traditionally it has been described as a region that produces table wine, or “vin ordinaire”, and the Languedoc has been hit badly by the influx of new world wines onto the world market. However the last 15 years have seen a revolution in wine making techniques and approaches, and one sees more and more innovative and dynamic wine producers moving into the area producing more and more deliciously drinkable wines dedicated to quality. This guide will aid you on your search for the perfect accompanyment to haut cuisine!

Circulade Villages in the Languedoc

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If you are travelling around the Languedoc plain you will come across village built in a circular pattern. So, you might ask, why a circle?

There are paintings of circular towns dating back to Roman and Greek times, as the circle was considered the ideal form in those days. But was this merely a pictorial ideal? Between the eleventh and twelfth centuries a whole series of circular villages emerged in this region, evidence of a planned architectural model. They only exit, moreover, in the southern part of France, and are thought to be the first example of urban development of the Middle Ages.

French television channels

Although French television doesn’t have a great reputation, watching local TV is one of the best ways to keep up with what it happening in the country culturally and learning the language…

Richard Gillmans house

Our House Restoration

We started to look for houses in Brittany when our kids were quite small but never really had the time or finances to follow this up. In February 2001, after …

Just a Minute!

Old timers… that is they have had a second home in France for some time …! Pam and David Tillotson tell us about their 15 years of being maison secondairers…