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French Stars Sing in Aid of French Hospitals

350 French show business and sports stars including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sophie Marceau, Zinedine Zidane and Jean Dujardin have participated in a virtual online choir for a song called “Et Demain?” (“And Tomorrow?). The project was created for the benefit of

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Coronavirus in France: News Update

As you would expect, in France there is rolling news on the television and online relating to the impact that Covid-19 is having on those affected directly by the virus. This includes latest death and infection figures and key worker

French News Weekly: Coronavirus in France

Unsurprisingly, the international news cycle has been full of Covid-19 developments over the past couple of weeks. What stories have hit the French headlines in the past week? Health Emergency Following an emergency meeting, France has declared a state of

Flybe Collapse: How France is Affected

Last Thursday saw the collapse of UK-based airline Flybe, ending 2,000 jobs and threatening many more businesses that rely on its routes. The struggling company gained a reprieve in January thanks to a government loan, but coronavirus’ impact on the

French News Weekly: Is it time for “Frexit”?

While last week’s storms were literal, this week’s were more political in nature. We’re catching up with the latest French headlines. Politics President Macron’s rival, Marine Le Pen, has boasted that she will “crush” the sitting president in the upcoming

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Doctors’ Fees in France

Here is a brief summary of the main fees you will be expected to pay during your visit to the doctor in France, and the applicable reimbursements from the health insurance system and your top-up insurance.