Is nothing sacred!? Foodtrucks are loving it in France

Is nothing sacred!? Foodtrucks are loving it in France

First the hamburger chains, now the food trucks. Well, I’m passing the smelling salts for those of you of a sensitive disposition, but I’m afraid French consumers are taking to street food like there’s no lendemain. They have been around for a long time now. Even in the deep countryside you constantly come across pizza and kebab trucks with offerings that range from the delicious to the suspicious. But in recent years, the arrival of the gourmet foodtruck has created a wave of young, fresh, and creative gastronomy on wheels.

If you’re thinking a starting your own business, this may be something to consider, although there is a catch. While the foodtrucks in circulation enjoy a very healthy and growing demand, the official numbers according the blog Food & Sens only account for 110 trucks in France. This may be due to the fact that the legislation is not quite up to date with the occurrence, and sometimes communities don’t quite know how to categorize them in order to issue a permit.

What’s next? Well, the proliferation of food tricycles is quickly picking up speed, offering coffee, pastries, and even cocktails, and becoming more and more sophisticated. The advantage is that they don’t need a parking spot, but the downside, of course, is that they are limited to what they can carry.

Have you encountered one of these meals-on-wheels on your French travels yet?

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  • anniedm778
    2014-08-21 13:40:59
    I live in a small university town in Midwest USA and the business I work for recently moved downtown. We discovered there are 3 food trucks that appear on Fridays about 4 blocks from our office. They park next to an old warehouse, and the big doors are open to reveal tables and chairs set up inside for food truck foodies. So far, I've enjoyed a vegetarian truck named EMT food service (like an ambulance, lol) and the Mexican food truck. I noticed the other one was southern barbeque food. So, far, the food's been excellent. :-)


    • Sylvia Edwards Davis, Property & Living Editor
      2014-08-22 12:01:58
      Sylvia Edwards Davis, Property & Living Editor
      TGIF Annie, time to hit the food trucks! Happy Friday!