Travel Between France and the UK: New Rules from April, 2022



Travel Between France and the UK: New Rules from April, 2022

What exactly are the current rules for travel between the UK and France, and how can French property buyers and second-home owners visit?

First things first: remember that there are two sets of rules you need to take into account – those for entering or returning to France and those for entering or returning to the UK. Regardless of which country you are resident in, you will need to follow the set of rules laid out by the destination country you are travelling to. Here’s the latest on both.

France’s Travel Rules

France is currently operating a traffic light classification system for travel. The UK is currently classed as a Green country. Here are the latest rules for travelling to France from the UK.

Vaccinated travellers

You may travel to France for any reason including tourism, family visits, or to stay in your second home. You will need:

  • to show proof of vaccination

You do not need to provide the previously required ‘declaration sur l’honneur‘ (a sworn statement stating that you have no Covid-19 symptoms), nor do you need to take a Covid-19 test prior to departure.

Unvaccinated travellers

Unvaccinated travellers may also travel to France for any reason including tourism, family visits, or to stay in your second home. You will need:

  • proof of a negative antigen taken within 48 hours or PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure for all passengers aged 12 and over (this must be a ‘fit to fly’ test with a scannable QR code that has been processed by a laboratory – home tests are only accepted if the results are verified by a lab).

You do not need to provide the previously required ‘declaration sur l’honneur‘ (a sworn statement stating that you have no Covid-19 symptoms), nor do you need to self-isolate or fill in a passenger locator form.

Check the latest rules for travel to and from France hereFurther information can be found on the French Government’s website (in French) and the French Embassy in the UK’s website (in English).

**What Counts As Vaccinated Under French Rules?

As of January 30th, 2022, all travellers to France must have received a booster vaccine within nine months (270 days) of your second vaccine dose in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” for entry to France.

UK Travel Rules

The UK is now operating a ‘red list’ for travel with stricter rules applying to countries on this list. France is not currently on the list, meaning that vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers may visit the UK providing they meet the following conditions.

Friday, February 11th, fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need to pre-book and take a Covid test on Day 2 of arrival. Unvaccinated travellers will still need to present a negative pre-departure test and also take a Day 2 test on arrival; however, they will no longer be required to quarantine on arrival or take a second PCR test on Day 8.

Vaccinated Travellers Entering the UK

As of March 18th 2022, the UK has lifted all Covid-19-related rules for entering (or returning to) the UK. All travellers, regardless of vaccination status or country of origin, will now be able to enter the UK without filling in a passenger locator form, taking Covid tests (either before departure or after arrival), or undergoing quarantine.

Read the official rules for travel to and from the UK.

Traveling Between the UK and France

The rules on travel between the UK and France are constantly changing, and it’s important to keep on top of any changes if you plan to travel. Keep an eye on the government sites for the latest updates and bookmark this page—we’ll keep it updated as soon as we know more.

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  •  Melanie
    2022-03-24 04:48:52
    Hi does anyone know about the passenger locator form for entry to France from the UK (March 2022)? French Gov website says you 'might' need to complete one. Do the airlines ask you to complete it at the airport or do you have to complete it online beforehand? Also is there a different form for orange countries than the standard EU one? Thanks - thanks also for the posts Zoe, French Entree is always my first stop for accessible and clear information!


    • Patricia Waring
      2022-07-23 09:14:43
      Patricia Waring
      If staying with friends in France do you need the attestation d'acceuil or will an e mail from the friend inviting you suffice with their name, address etc.


    • Zoë Smith
      2022-03-29 09:24:17
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Melanie,
      As far as I am aware, you do not need to fill in a passenger locater form for entering France and the French rules do not currently mention the attestation of good health either (you can see them in English here - I imagine that the French gov site is being careful by stating that you *might* be asked to fill one in as border controls can vary and the latest information is not always translated immediately to airport staff! I would still recommend keeping to hand any information you might need to fill one in if asked (for example, details of your return flights and address in France), just in case, but fingers crossed, travelling between the UK and France should be a lot simpler from now on!
      Best of luck for your travels and I'm happy we can help keep you up to date!


    • stuart dickinson
      2022-03-29 05:55:58
      stuart dickinson
      Hi my name is stuart my wife and i are traveling to normandy our daughter who is 23 would like to come with us she as had the first 2 covid vasination but not the booster would she still be able to travel to france many thanks stuart


      • Zoë Smith
        2022-04-06 08:59:45
        Zoë Smith
        Hi Stuart,
        In order to be classed as 'vaccinated' for entry to France your daughter must have received her last vaccine within the past 9 months (either the 2nd vaccine or a booster). If she has not, she will still be able to travel to France as the UK is now on France's Green list, however, she will be classed as 'unvaccinated' and need to follow the above rules, which include taking a pre-travel Covid test. Hope this helps! Zoe