Apartment buildings in France

Rules Changes Are Good News for Co-propriété Owners

On June 1, a series of measures adopted by law last October will come into force, changing certain rules governing the management of co-propriétés (co-ownerships such as in apartments buildings). Many of the old laws had been in place since

Sell your house in France

Sell your House in France

Sell Your House in France Welcome to our comprehensive guide to help you Sell Your House in France. A complete online resource for information for those who are selling or thinking about selling their house in France. If you’re planning

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Sell your house in France

Sell your House in France

Sell your house in FranceGuides and advice to sell your property in France Latest articlesView all Property Surveys in France: Diagnostic, Building, and Structural Surveys The role that Diagnostic surveys play in the purchase of a house in France is