Why I love Bagnères-de-Luchon

When she wants to get away from it all, Nadia Jordan heads for the Pyrenean mountains to the delightful spa town of Bagnères de Luchon, which in winter transforms into a chic ski destination

From Sydney to SW France

Nadia Jordan, a property finder in the Midi-Pyrénées, talks to a couple from Sydney who bought a home in south west France having never even visited the region!

The Midi-Pyrénées is ideally suited to eco-living

Ten years ago, eco-friendly living would have been considered slightly unconventional. Nowadays, almost everyone is contemplating some form of environmentally friendly home improvement says Nadia Jordan, who lives in the Midi-Pyrénées and thinks it ideally suited to eco-living.

Looking on the Bright Side of Brexit

Marion Sauvebois speaks to property and finance experts to offer some positive advice for French house hunters… Ah Brexit… these days you can’t take one step without catching an earful of shudder-inducing news bulletins, a glimpse of an apocalyptic headline,

Undaunted by Brexit

Although the ‘Leave’ vote prompted some to put their French property plans on hold, plenty of buyers have refused to let the Referendum kill their dream. Nadia Jordan talks to the individuals, couples and families who are going ahead despite or

The Art of Making Time in France

Nadia Jordan marvels at our French neighbours’ ability to live in the moment and enjoy the things that truly matter: family and food. Anyone who has ever been to France will know that time moves more slowly here. Why is

Buying Property in France – Case Study

  Hugely experienced search agent Nadia Jordan explains how to narrow down the huge choice of French properties, to bag your dream home in an area that’s perfect for your needs…   Setting parameters and priorities really pays off, when

Walking in the Pyrénées Photo by Nadia Jordan

Rambling in the French Pyrénées

The French Pyrénées offer all that is best in walking: fantastic scenery, great places to stay, good weather and, above all, variety.

Photo by zigazou76

10 Reasons not to move to France

The motivations to move to France get enough publicity. Let’s explore the reasons why the dream might turn sour. More often than not there is a combination of multiple factors rather than one big reason.

Buying property in the Haute-Garonne

The Haute-Garonne department is one of the eight departments of the Midi-Pyrénées region in SW France and is home to both the bustling metropolis of Toulouse and a rural backdrop of undulating hills and valleys.

Buying property in the Southern Gers

The southern Gers region in the Midi-Pyrénées is the France of many people’s imaginations; sunflowers and gently rolling hills, medieval bastide towns and classic French farmhouses, vineyards and typical French country restaurants.

Buying property in the Ariège

This is a region where there really is property to suit every taste and every budget and it is well located with a great climate, summer and winter. Much of the Ariège is within an hour of Toulouse.

Give me my daily café and croissant

A guest blog from Nadia Jordan of Foothills in France: If I had a euro for every time someone has explained to me that what they would really like is a house on the edge of a village or small

The perfect French house?

A guest blog from Nadia Jordan More often than not when I view a house for a client, it does not live up to expectations or meet important criteria which means that the majority of houses I view never make