There’s Something about Eguisheim

There’s Something about Eguisheim

A poll conducted by a French TV channel France 2 asked viewers around the country to vote for their favourite village in all of France, and a little town in Alsace took the trophy. What is it about Eguisheim?

More than 130,000 viewers voted for their favourite village in France, and the result was somewhat surprising, but not to the locals or to people who have visited. Eguisheim, in the Haut-Rhin department, is a picturesque community with a strong Germanic heritage in its architecture and traditions. Located at the start of the route des vins d”Alsace, this is a flowers-and-wine place with a friendly and welcoming attitude that has managed to keep up with the times without losing its way.

The town is shaped in concentric circles around the Château, and it has a four-seasons appeal with the green hills, thick forests, manicured vineyards in spring and summer and the twinkling Christmas markets of mulled wine and gingerbread in winter, plus the scenic autumn foliage and wine related fêtes in between.

Christmas in Eguisheim

It’s a festive, charming destination perfect for a weekend away, and very close to Colmar and only 83km from Strasbourg for an extended Alsace visit. Apart from the face value interest of the 15th century fountain or for being the birth place of Pope Léon IX (1002) the irresistible appeal lies in the small scale but rich cultural offerings and the lip-smacking quality of its hearty, filling cuisine, and of course the local wines and sparkling crémant.

Léon Baur local winery

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