Marché de Noël,

Christmas Markets in France

Traditionally, housewives in France would spend the weeks leading up to Christmas preparing a festive feast and Christmas markets developed to supply them with the ingredients and products they needed.

Eguisheim in Alsace

Village Beauties: A Tour of Vézelay, Burgundy

Stéphane Bern, the author of The Best Loved Villages of France, dedicated to France’s best loved villages, reveals his passion for village life and gives us a tour of Vézelay in Burgundy.

photo by Will Clayton via Flickr

Soul food from Burgundy: coq au vin

A classic French dish made with chicken braised in red wine. With its deep colour and rich flavour this coq au vin recipe is the perfect slow-food to make any dinner guest feel special.

vineyard house

Property Update: Top Tips on Buying a Vineyard

For those relocating to France and looking for a business opportunity vineyards can be a very appealing option, after all they are a wine lover’s paradise. The reality of running a vineyard is that it is both rewarding and hard work. Here are our top ten tips about purchasing a vineyard…

There’s Something about Eguisheim

A poll conducted by a French TV channel France 2 asked viewers around the country to vote for their favourite village in all of France, and a little town in Alsace took the trophy. What is it about Eguisheim?

Events Listing for Alsace-Lorraine

Join the locals in celebrating the heritage of this region and its regional delicacies at events across Alsace and Lorraine. From January’s Fête de la Montagne to December’s Fête Saint Nicolas, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Learn French in Kaysersberg, Alsace

French Moments runs an intensive French course in Alsace. Compared to more southerly regions, such as Provence or Périgord, it receives fewer visitors from English speaking countries. But Alsace has lots to offer…

Meet Topic Hosts Pierre and Rachel

Pierre and Rachel Guernier (originally from France and England respectively) run a French language school in Sydney where around 90 students have French lessons each term. Their company, French Moments, was set up in 2006 and is all about embracing French language and culture.

Raymond Blanc’s Eastern Promise

No place in France excites culinary legend Raymond Blanc quite like the eastern region where he was born. Here we reveal where to visit, stay and eat in Franche-Comté, Burgundy and Alsace

Running an online shop from Alsace

Hayley Flurer from South Africa moved to Strasbourg in November 2009 and discovered a novel way of earning a living (and meeting new people) even before she had mastered the language. The best bit is that anyone can join in, anywhere in France.

French flag

What is Bastille Day?

The national holiday on 14 July in France is commonly referred to as “Le Quatorze Juillet”, though in English it is usually called Bastille Day. Find out why it is celebrated and how…

The Sharman family

How will your children cope?

Perhaps the biggest concern for any family moving to the Limousin is how easily their children will settle here and the quality of the education they will receive. We met up with one family who came to live in the Limousin and have very much made it their home.


Christmas Traditions in France

Christmas in France is a family holiday, an occasion for merrymaking and gathering around the table, marked by traditions that have become popular in many countries across the world…

Employing People in France

In my experience the French Police and Courts are cracking down on people who illegally employ workers (who, more often than not, are foreigners). This might be done through blissful ignorance – but the Courts do not always accept ignorance as a defence plea.

Sommelier in the wine cellar

Starting a Wine Cellar

Do you love wine and dream of having a wine cellar of your own instead of just buying a bottle when needed? This simple guide to starting a wine cellar will show you how to go about it.

French Wine Guide

Wine is one of the joys of France. But unlike New World wine that is labelled according to grape, the French system is a complicated mix of regions, appellations and even chateaux. So how to tell what you are buying? Seasoned wine writer, David Best, explains all

New build

French Planning Law Q&A

Lawyers Jérôme Frances-Lagarrigue and Julia Jones examine how French planning law works and consider what you need to know before you get started – and what to do if planning permission is refused …

Logo of the republic of france

La France : un état laïque

The separation of church and state has an impact on school and public administration. France is a secular state, but what are the implications of “laïcité” in everyday life?

Père Noël

Père Noël is the French equivalent of the British Father Christmas and the American Santa Claus. In general, France has not adopted the modern garb of Santa Claus in jacket and trousers, but keeps to the older version with a long red…

Alsace Lorraine Property

Property Guide – North East France

If you don’t want a long journey to your French bolthole, it makes sense to buy closer to home. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and improved fast roads, British buyers can drive to north east France in two or three hours door-to-door.