Film review: Stroller Strategy

Film review: <i>Stroller Strategy</i>

Stroller Strategy
Director: Clément Michel
Cert: TBC Running time: 88 mins

In a bid to reconquer the girl of his dreams, Thomas Platz (Raphaël Personnaz), will have to come up with a truly ingenious plan, convincing Marie (Charlotte Le Bon) that he’s genuinely changed and that he’s the guy she’s been looking for all this time. Thomas will really do anything to get his girl, even if that means pretending to be a newly single father. In the midst of his clever yet demeaning scheme, Thomas falls in love with the idea of being a father. With the encouragement of his not-so-moral sidekick, Thomas goes to extremes to win back the heart of his long-awaited mademoiselle. This romantic comedy is sure to have you sniggering and squirming at the countless awkward and embarrassing moments delivered so naturalistically. ★★★


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