More of the Same for the Euro – Euro Update

It was a relatively quiet week for the euro, with no surprises and more of the same from the economic statistics German wholesale prices fell 1.3% in 2019. Inflation was stable almost across the board but the European Central Bank

A Rate Cut Could Be Imminent – Sterling Update

At the end of last week, there were indications from various members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) hinted that a rate cut might be imminent In an article in the Financial Times on Sunday, MPC member

Rate Alert: Sterling’s growth continues

  The pound continues to make steady gains against the euro as Italy’s budget dilemma continues after the EU revealed its plans to increase spending, adding to its already massive debt pile of some 130% of the GDP. The pound’s

Euro / Dollar update

US Dollar Update: June 2017

During most of March the euro had the upper hand. In the first three and a half weeks it strengthened by more than two and a half US cents, touching a four month high. Then, for no compelling reason, investors decided it had gone far enough. They knocked the euro back, halving its net monthly gain to a cent and a quarter, still worth having but not exactly stellar. The about-turn doubtless related to technical factors: it coincided with the level from which the euro had rebounded in June last year.

Euro Update: June 2017

It was a classic “game of two halves” for the euro against the pound. For the first half of March the euro was in the ascendency and sterling was on the retreat; during the second the roles were reversed. The net result was a quarter-cent victory for the pound but the outcome was close and could very easily have gone the other way with a different referee.