Facilities on French campsites

France has the largest number of campsites of any country in Europe and the largest variety in terms of size and facilities. There is therefore something to suit everybody. They range from small “campings à la ferme” with half a

Andrew Erskine

The joy of camping in France

There is no doubt that travel broadens the mind. Meeting people from other countries and coming into contact with other cultures is always an enriching experience. Camping and caravanning in France definitely broadens your horizons. On many of France’s enormous variety

Buying a Property in Normandy on a Whim

Warning! Buying a house just because you fall in love with it and changing countries without a second glance, or buying a gorgeous 2CV van without seeing it in the tin, can seriously affect your life…

From India to Sainte Nathalene via Guernsey!

Not everyone who moves to the Dordogne is at the end of their working life and looking forward to taking it easy. It also has its attractions for those at the other end of the age scale, embarking on a new ‘career’ with a young family. Natalie and Patrick McAlpine have taken just such a step.

Baby Feeding Controversy in France

“Avoine, avoine, avoine..?”, I try again, saying it differently each time, in the hope that I will fall on the right pronunciation, the right vowel sound, which I, with my American tongue, have trouble with…

Stephen Leitch new build property in the Lot

New House Build in France – The Final Part

Stephen Leitch concludes his cautionary tale of getting a new house built in the Lot. Having waited over a year to get started on the building, the actual construction of the house goes quite smoothly and is actually completed ahead of schedule. Ready to move into? Well not quite, as EDF haven’t yet connected the electricity…

Breeding chicks

How do you go about growing your stock? Here’s information breeding naturally and through artificial insemination


Property in the Ceze Valley

Within an hour from the beautiful Roman city of Nimes and the picturesque town of Uzes, lies a seemingly untouched beauty spot nestled between the Gardon and the Ardeche rivers: the valley of the Ceze river, an area which straddles Provence and Languedoc and retains much of the Provencal culture and regional specialities. This is the land of lavender, olives and Cotes du Rhone wine trails. “Ceze Property Guide”

Alps, Pyrenees or Massif Central?

France has no fewer than 3 major mountain ranges to choose from when deciding on the location for ski accommodation, as well as more minor destinations. The Alps are the obvious choice, but there are also…

Childbirth in Brittany

Image not found.”I’ve done something really stupid”, Kate looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You’ve scratched one of my records haven’t you?” I was joking, but I knew in my heart what it was …