Control of assets

Estate Planning for French Residents

For most UK residents, making a move across the Channel does not mean a change in estate planning objectives. But what is likely to require a change is the financial planning approach and the techniques used to achieve these objectives.

The changing face of French leaseback buying

The Changing Face of French Leaseback Buying

There are many types of guaranteed rental schemes within the international property arena, but the French leaseback scheme which dates back to the 1980’s, could be described as the ‘mother’ of all schemes. It is not simply a short-term developers’

We Have a Little Announcement to Make …

France Media Group has completed the acquisition of FRANCE TODAY magazine. First published in 1985, France Today has consistently provided a regular diet of insider news and inspiring content about France. Under new ownership by France Media Group, France Today

Legal documents

How to Maximise Your Uk Pension in France

Many French Entrée readers will be planning to move to France, probably on retirement. At that stage it is likely that they will need to rely heavily on that pension …

Is French tax all that taxing for retirees in France?

French taxes are renowned for being high, what with income tax and social charges on all forms of income, as well as an annual wealth tax. However, although the headline rates sound high (52.1%!), it is often unlikely that a retiree would have to pay such high taxes.


Discover the Dream-like Alpilles Villages

The Alpilles never cease to enthrall, no matter how many times you navigate the meandering little roads that connect the dreamlike unspoilt villages scattered throughout this protected nature reserve.

Returning to the UK from France

If you are a British expatriate who is leaving France to return to live in the UK, there are various tax and financial issues to plan for. Ideally, you should complete any necessary arrangements in the UK tax year before you return.

Financial penalty

Declaring Foreign Investments

A law was ratified in February 2012 introducing penalties of a 40% increase in the amount of tax due on undeclared overseas investments. There is already a potential fine of €1,500 for every undeclared account.

Real estate investment

Fixed Rate French Mortgages

The economic challenges of the past few years have created uncertainty in the European financial sector. As a consequence it has become increasingly difficult to predict future patterns in Eurozone interest rate movements. The good news is that the French mortgage market is well equipped to protect borrowers against future interest rate fluctuations.

‘Nice stole our hearts!’

Rebecca Russell, a property finder on the French Riviera, talks to an Australian couple about why they decided to invest in an apartment in Nice.

Renovated Riviera

A Guest Blog from Rebecca Russell of Côte Abode To renovate or not to renovate, that is the question I am often asked. Buying a place that needs work is the less-expensive option and usually allows you to gain more


Is a Post-Finance French Mortgage for You?

Competition amongst buyers is increasing for properties in prime locations or those that are deemed to be very favorably priced by vendors. As a result, cautious buyers are increasingly starting to lose out on potential properties as the traditionally busier

eco living in the Midi-Pyrénées

The Midi-Pyrénées Is Ideally Suited to Eco-living

Ten years ago, eco-friendly living would have been considered slightly unconventional. Nowadays, almost everyone is contemplating some form of environmentally friendly home improvement says Nadia Jordan, who lives in the Midi-Pyrénées and thinks it ideally suited to eco-living.

Reasons to Be Cheerful in Deux-sèvres

A guest post from Val Walmsley, who is the FrenchEntrée Property Finder for Vendée and Deux-Sèvres It seems like every news bulletin you come across at the moment is all about cutbacks and inflation. Articles from the other side of

Time for taxes clock

Income Tax in the UK and France Compared

Early April in the UK sees the end of one tax year and the start of another. While in France, the end of April brings the delivery of annual household tax forms for return to the French taxman by the end of May.

House for sale sign

Returning to the UK from France?

There’s no avoiding the fact that living in France doesn’t suit everybody. For those who are thinking about returning to Britain, Mervyn Simms, former Director of financial experts Blevins Franks, offers some guidance…

Pension and tax reforms in France

After much speculation, the French government finally announced its proposals to reform the state pension system on 16th June. Its aim is to balance the pension books by 2018.

Wood moisture checker

Why Wood Burners Are Eco-friendly

One of the most eco-friendly methods of heating your home has to be by using wood as a preferred source of fuel and few other countries are as well stocked with this commodity as France…

Illustration of aerothermic heating

Ground Source Heating in France

Known in France as Geothermic and Aerothermic heating. A heat pump is a devise that converts latent heat in order to heat water filled pipes which are encased in concrete in the floor of the building.

Dog walking club

Dog Walking with Les Chiens De Figeac

I started volunteering at the Figeac dog refuge not long ago. I hesitated before getting in contact with them as I was worried about the old ‘tugging at the heart strings’ syndrome. With two dogs and two cats already, I know my limits but was afraid that I would end up bringing another young scamp home…

How to save money on your telephone costs and have a better service

The time when there were few choices of companies to buy your telephone line and other services from has long passed, but with so many suppliers offering different deals it has never been harder to ensure that you have value for money. With the poor exchange rate and low levels of interest many peoples’ budgets are being squeezed and the search for good savings is more challenging than ever before.

Protect your business

If you are running a company, or are about to set-up one, then you need to review many things and maybe do things you hadn’t thought of doing before. Here are our top tips for protecting your business in France…

broken roof

Raising the Roof

Whether you have just bought your French renovation project or have been subjected to damage from a storm, we have some essential information on the key points for restoring, repairing and maintaining your home’s roof in France.

March Tips for Your Limousin Garden

Printemps or Spring time?
Whatever your preference there is no mistake that for the Limousin gardener, we are about to embark on the busiest time of the year.

As we know springtime is the key time for defining how we want our garden to be over the coming and future years….

Pool Hygiene in France

This article endeavours to explain the process of how to balance the water of domestic swimming pools and spas. This is by no means a complete bible of pool care but will hopefully remove some of the myths and clarify the basics.

brittany map

A Guide to Brittany’s Departments

Each of Brittany’s departments is different, and each holds its own appeal for British buyers. Before deciding on where to concentrate your search, consider factors such as budget, the type …


English-speaking Notaires in Tarn

Whether it is for buying a house, setting up business, writing a will, or settling a dispute with a neighbour, you will need the services of a good notaire. Check out our English-speaking Notaires in Tarn here.


English-speaking Notaires in Aveyron

Whether it is for buying a house, setting up business, writing a will, or settling a dispute with a neighbour, you will need the services of a good notaire. Check out our English-speaking Notaires in Aveyron here.