An Introduction to the AOC Wines of the Aude

A look at the main characteristics of the AOC wines of the Aude – a department of the Languedoc-Roussillon that is not very well known, and yet one that produces an enormous amount of its wine. With well over a third of its land devoted to vine growing there are a myriad different types of wine to discover…
“AOC wines of the Aude”

AOC Wines in the Hérault and Gard

The Hérault and Gard departments of the Languedoc-Roussillon are home to some of its most internationally known wine terroirs such as Saint-Chinian, Pic Saint Loup, Costières de Nimes and Muscat de Lunel.

Dordogne wines – treasures to discover

“Autumn, Château Belingard”You may know that the countryside round Bergerac produces wine, but did you know that there are thirteen appellations contrôlées in the region? Here’s a brief guide to them…

Village house

Sarlat Area Property Market

“Farm: €293k”The Périgord Noir is special. With its wooded hills, numerous medieval castles and churches, the broad valley of the Dordogne and the narrower one of the Vézère, and the steep roofs and golden stone of the local architecture, it has beguiled the English for years. It’s not surprising, then…

Camargue Rice

“Camargue red rice”Rice might seem a pretty ordinary food, an item we take for granted. It goes with our curry or risotto, it is more of an add-on than a feature ingredient. But the majority of rice consumed in France is grown right here in the south of France, in the Delta of the Rhône valley. And not just any rice, but many varieties, including the gourmet red rice used by the best chefs. This has a great colour, fantastic texture and nutty flavour.

Camargue Rice from the Languedoc, and Rice Salad Recipe

A look at the traditional rice cultivation in the region, and a yummy recipe too! The first cultivation of rice in the Camargue dates back to around 1600. There are now 10,000 hectares of rice grown in the region, much of it exported across the world.
“Camargue Rice”

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Buying in Languedoc with the Weather in Mind

Languedoc-Roussillon is popular with sun-seekers, but this diverse part of the south of France has dramatically different climatic conditions. Here’s how to find the Languedoc home that’s right for you, whatever the weather. “Buying with the weather in mind”

Britdock Team

Independent Local Radio in the Lot

Did you know that the Lot has its own, English speaking, local radio station? Part of the Antenne d’Oc network, Britdock is broadcast live every Thursday afternoon from 4 till 7pm. One of the founders and veteran of five years broadcasting, Mike Gardiner takes up the story…

What’s the weather like in the South of France?

Peter Mayle described Provence as a cold country with a high rate of sunshine and a place where the summers are consistently hot. Both of these comments are also said to be true elsewhere in the South of France – the Lot and Quercy region, but let’s look at some actual figures…

Breton Gastronomy

“Breton food & drink”Combining aspects of “Armor” the landscape of the sea and “Argoat” the landscape of woodlands, Breton gastronomy has over the years benefited from all the riches offered by the natural …

Property Guide – Auvergne

Thinking of buying a property in Auvergne? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

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Climate: Choosing the Right Area of France

Image not found.Before you can start looking for your place in France, be it a holiday home or a permanent residence, it’s important to narrow down your search to a particular region, or selection of regions. France is a big place, after all…