Business opportunities for expats

If you are planning to relocate to France and are still at the age where you need an income you may be dreaming of setting up your own business. Perhaps you know exactly what it is you want to do, or are looking for a business opportunity in France. Read our Practical Guide

Charity cottage

Charity Cottage in the Morvan

A holiday home from home with the added satisfaction of helping a worthwhile charity. Every penny goes to Combat Stress, which cares for UK veterans who have been traumatised by experiences during their service career.

My Life as an Artisan in France

After 10 years spent living and working in London as a painter and decorator, Giles Stonor moved to France and established himself as an artisan. Amongst his biggest projects was the restoration of a Chartreuse in the Dordogne. Here Giles tells FrenchEntrée his story.

Working up an Appetite

Louise Molloy travelled to France from Australia to seek a retreat for artists and writers suitable for vegetarians. She discovered tranquility, time and space in a productive environment at Atelier de la Rose.

The mystery of champagne dispelled

You may have thought to yourself, why does champagne cost so much? And that’s a very good question. However, when we understand how this famous drink is made, the time, dedication and passion that is put into it, we could be asking ourselves, why is it so cheap?

The mystery of champagne

If you’ve been to Champagne already, you’ll know that compared to other wine growing regions of France it’s actually quite a small area. Why is that?

Coffee culture in Paris

When I lived and worked in Paris, coffee was the one thing that continually frustrated me. How could a country which is famous for its food and wine, serve such bad coffee? Rachel Guernier investigates.

Tray of macaroons

Adding Value to Your Gîte or B&B

Running a gîte business or B&B is a popular way for English speakers to make a living in France, so if you want to stand out from the competition or are planning to put up your prices, it pays to see how some others are adding value – with minimum outlay.

We opened a hotel in the Pyrénées

In July 2006, Roger Bruton, his wife Gillian and their extended family, swapped Stockport (Cheshire) for a new life in France. They settled in the Pyrénées, where they set up a small hotel. Roger tells FrenchEntrée their story…

Holiday home to permanent home

Charlie and Jules Thackway bought a property in the Dordogne with the intention of using it for holidays. However, the couple found that “the more time we spent here the harder it was to leave…”

Stonor family together in their home in France

Hydro Power in France

Real Life: When Giles and Fi bought an old mill back in 1999, they never envisioned quite what life off the electricity grid would be like. In 2002 they decided to install a water turbine to generate their own electricity and now run a B&B…

Committed to la comité

Andrea and Bruce venture into assisting in the planning of the carnival in their French town – and courageously add a vegetarian touch.

‘The French love English roses!’

Despite no professional horticultural experience, Charles and Charlotte Liddell moved to France and opened a nursery selling David Austin roses. Here, Charlotte tells the story of their first year – and gives their tips for growing roses successfully

Fitting into French life: 10 Top Tips

What do you need to do to integrate and enjoy your new Gallic life? Maggi de Rozario, a Brit who has lived in France since 2002, and who has become so at home here that she has been invited by her local mayor to join in planning her village’s future, gives
some advice

‘We love living in France but we’re returning to the UK’

Almost two years ago, Julie Thirkettle, her daughter Joanna and baby grand-son, Alfie, moved to France in search of a new life. Since then they have started up a hugely successful B&B, Alfie is confidently bi-lingual and Julie and Joanna have made lots of friends. So why are they now returning to their native Yorkshire? Julie explains…

How we bought our holiday home in France

I’ve been with Nigel for eight years; married for the past two and a half, second marriages for both of us. We loved France and Germany and romanticised about living abroad, a little ‘Pie in the Sky’ venture, possibly a restaurant or a B&B. It was a nice day dream -then we had a bombshell.