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A Guide to Education Reforms in France in 2015

Reforms to the French collège system In spite of much consternation, union disgruntlement and, naturellement, strikes by teachers back in May, France’s Socialist Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem’s reforms to educational practices in French middle schools (collèges) for pupils between 11 and 15

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How to Be a Teacher in France

The weekend that followed was relaxing because I knew at last I had a job that suited and although I was now close to the end of my overdraft, I’d just about be able to dig myself out of debt.

French television

Watching local TV is one of the best ways to keep up with what is happening in the country and improve your language skills.

Education in France

Education in France Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Education in France. Here you can find all the answers to your questions about Schooling in France, from a complete introduction to the French Education system, helpful tips to help you

French Word of the Week: Épanouissement

Épanouissement is the French word for bloom, but this literal botanical sense is only one of the many uses of the word. It also comes closest to that elusive concept that the Declaration of Independence evokes as the right of

My interior design business in France

Julie Kilgallon is a qualified interior designer based on the French Riviera. She grew up in Manchester and was inspired by her mother’s soft furnishing business to pursue a career in interior design.

‘I set up an animal charity in France’

Phoenix Association is a Dordogne-based charity that exists to deal with the sad plight of the ever-increasing number of abused and abandoned animals in France. Phoenix was established by Richard and Sheelagh Johnson.

Education in France – a Teenage Perspective

A guest post from our man in Cognac, Graham Downie I’ve just read this excellent blog post from one of me fellow FrenchEntrée property finders. Val Walmsley runs Poitou Property Services and recounts a conversation she had with a young lady who came to

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Chats Du Quercy

The purpose of Chats du Quercy is to find permanent, safe homes for homeless cats and kittens with responsible and caring owners. We aim to provide quality, short term housing in a safe, disease-free and stimulating environment…

Kids camp

Les Colonies De Vacances

Holiday camps for children (colonies de vacances) are not unheard of in the UK but in France they are a national institution. During the school holidays, French children aged from four up to 18 are sent away from home for several activity filled weeks.

ASHA – Helping horses and donkeys

The Association Saint Hippolyte Aquitaine (ASHA for short) is a horse charity in France named after an Italian priest who since the Middle Ages has been considered a patron saint of horses. ASHA aims to eradicate psychological problems so that horses can be re-introduced to society and fulfil a useful life as a working animal.

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Materials & Provisions

Parents are expected to purchase a number of items for their child’s education. A list of these can be obtained from the school or sometimes from the Mairie. Here is …

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French Private Schools

Around 15% of children in France attend private school of one kind or another. Schools come in many forms: international, catholic, American, British, day and boarding, French and bi-lingual.
Not surprisingly …

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Primary Schools (ecole Primaire)

The Basic Tools of Development French primary schools (also known as “écoles élémentaire”) cover the ages six to eleven with five courses of study, one for each year: CP – Cours Preparatoire CE1 – Cours Elementaire 1st year CE2 –

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School Selection

Which school? There are around 57,000 nursery and primary schools and 7,400 lycées in France so there is plenty of choice ! But of course most people will want to know where the nearest schools are in relation to an area they might consider moving to. A good place to start is to check the website of the nearest Académie…

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Planning Law and Procedure in France

French planning law is a huge topic however the rules and procedures were somewhat simplified by new legislation with came into force on 1 October 2007. The resulting rules apply throughout France. Here, legal experts from Heslop & Platt explain the procedure…

Mother and Baby Groups

A list of mother and baby groups throughout France Accents Mothers & Toddlers group Accents has been running for 3 years and are based in Civray (86400). They welcome all carers and children up to school age. Tel: Kathryn Dobson

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British Associations

AVF AVF is a national association (registered under the French law of 1901) with 350 local branches throughout France (local A.V.F) non confessional, non political, run by trained volunteers. Its purpose is to provide a service for those who move

Support Groups

A list of support groups throughout France AIKB AIKB (Association Intégration Kreiz Breizh) is a non-profit making Association set-up (in accordance with French law) in 2003 with the aim of helping ‘newcomers’ to settle into their new life in Brittany.

Child Care in France

France has an excellent child-care system in which the state funds 80% of the care. From the age of 2½ months to 3 years a child can be placed in a crèche. Here we look at the child care options in France…

Class learning egnlish

Learning English with Les Amis des Chats

The children of Touffailles primary school have really been enjoying their english lessons lately. Over the past four weeks they have been improving their English using ‘Anglais avec les chats’, a unique education programme initiated by the cat charity Les Amis Des Chats…

Insurance – Confusion for Expats…

Insurance broker Aon conducted an online survey. It was sent to five-hundred English speakers in France (66% of which are British). There was some interesting feedback concerning confusion with French insurance…

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Applying for University in France

Once you have your bac “en poche” (literally, in your pocket), you have access to university, and as long as there is space, you can, in theory, sign up for any of the courses available. Jacqueline Karp tells you some of the points you need to be aware of.

French Parenting

‘When I arrived in Paris as an au pair, the school children advancing hand in hand in the streets immediately caught my attention. Just like “Madeline” in the 1930’s series about the little Parisian and her friends, “in the streets they walk in two straight lines”.’


A Family Chronicle

Maurice Fourches was born in 1930 in Tulle Corrèze. Monsieur Fourches carried out his higher education at the Faculty of Science at Clemont Ferrand. Maurice’s military service was spent …

The Cocktail Drinker’s Guide to Gardening

In a series of articles, writer James Clay combines two delightful past-times Gardening and Cocktail Drinking. This month, with his usual comedy and charm, he tells us how to make the ultimate festive drink Mulled Wine, offers some Christmas gift suggestions, and explains why gardeners like manure so much!…

Why I Chose…an Historic Mill in Mayenne

Image not found.How did you find your French house? And why did you choose it? What lessons have you learnt? Each month FrenchEntrée asks a homeowner to explain their choice of property in France. This month we talk to Nicki Newman in the Pays de la Loire region

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Homeschooling in France

If you’re worried about how your child is coping at school, perhaps home schooling is the answer – 500 families already do so in France. Stephanie Dagg, who has homeschooled her own daughter, explains how it works…