Income Tax in the UK and France Compared

Early April in the UK sees the end of one tax year and the start of another. While in France, the end of April brings the delivery of annual household tax forms for return to the French taxman by the end of May.

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Will my carte de séjour change my inheritance tax position?

Charlotte Macdonald is an associate solicitor in Stone King’s international and cross border team. Over a new 12-part series of articles Charlotte answers legal and practical questions that are often asked by her clients in relation to France; whether that

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European Succession Law and Brexit

Brussels IV – The EU succession regulation Two years ago the EU succession regulation – more commonly known as Brussels IV – came into force. But how is this affecting British nationals who live, or own property, in France? The

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French legal glossary

Finding your way around French legal terminology is not always easy. Here is a glossary of some of the most commonly used phrases and terms…

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Tax-free Savings and France

There are various tax-free vehicles available in the UK. But what happens when we move to France? Do we retain these accounts? Will they work for us as French residents?

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New EU succession regulations raise concerns

French inheritance law is substantially different from the position in the UK. After much debate on the new EU succession regulations effective August 2015 it is still a fact that owning assets in another jurisdiction increases legal and tax complexity.

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Wealth Tax in France – Get the Facts About ISF

  Wealth Tax in France or Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune is an annual tax on the sale value of your assets, based on their value on the 1st January each year. Who is affected? The taxable threshold for

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Understanding Inheritance Rules and Tax in France

If you are French tax resident, you will also be considered “domiciled” in France for inheritance purposes and your worldwide estate will be subject to French inheritance rules and taxes …


The Tax Implications of Renting out a French Property

For French residents looking to generate income from renting out gites or other investment property there are a number of different French income tax regimes applying to rented property which determine the amount of net income you will actually be

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Trusts in France

The legislation in France relating to trusts has changed. Historically, France had not recognised trusts as a vehicle of asset ownership or protection…

Retiring to France

If you are considering buying a holiday or permanent home in France as part of your retirement, it will be important to review the various implications and the changes coming in 2015 …

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Estate Planning for French Residents

For most UK residents, making a move across the Channel does not mean a change in estate planning objectives. But what is likely to require a change is the financial planning approach and the techniques used to achieve these objectives.

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The New French Trust: Registration Regulations

Until the introduction of a French finance law in July 2011, there had been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the treatment of foreign trusts with any connections to France. The new regime has brought in different rules regarding inheritance and gift tax, wealth tax and income tax of trusts.

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French Succession Law & The Family of the 21st Century

Nowadays, few families exactly resemble the nuclear/traditional family which the French Civil Code seeks to protect with its strict succession laws – often referred to as “forced heirship rules”. Deciding who will benefit on your death is a complex subject.

EU adopts new rules on inheritance law

The Regulation will apply to the succession of persons who die on or after 17 August 2015 although there are certain transitional provisions now in force, so if a person chooses the law applicable prior to 17 August 2015 that choice will be valid.

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How to Maximise Your Uk Pension in France

Many French Entrée readers will be planning to move to France, probably on retirement. At that stage it is likely that they will need to rely heavily on that pension …

Is French tax all that taxing for retirees in France?

French taxes are renowned for being high, what with income tax and social charges on all forms of income, as well as an annual wealth tax. However, although the headline rates sound high (52.1%!), it is often unlikely that a retiree would have to pay such high taxes.

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Protect Your Overseas Assets

Too many overseas property owners fall foul of international inheritance laws and tax regimes. Protect your foreign assets for future generations.

Tax resident in France: the advantages

The proximity of France to the UK makes France a very accessible country for Britons to own holiday homes. For many they are more than just ‘holiday homes’, as they spend a considerable amount of time enjoying life over the Channel.

How to Spend £100,000 in Brittany

If you have £100,000 to spend on a coastal property in France, what can you get for your money? FrenchEntrée Property Consultant Gaëlle Perreaux looks at the options in Brittany and the south of France

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The Double Taxation Agreement

Are you or will you become a British expatriate living in France? Do you own property in France? Both France and the UK impose an inheritance tax, but which country will tax you?

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Returning to the UK from France?

There’s no avoiding the fact that living in France doesn’t suit everybody. For those who are thinking about returning to Britain, Mervyn Simms, former Director of financial experts Blevins Franks, offers some guidance…

The need for a French will

It is always better for people who own a property in France to make a French Will disposing of their interest in that property, whether they live in France or not. In some cases, it is absolutely vital.

Setting up in France: SARL or SCI?

French law offers a wide variety of structures for new businesses looking to establish themselves within l’Hexagone. The last few years have seen a number of important reforms which have brought about changes to the way companies can be set-up and expanded.