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Woodwarm Stoves

Wood Burners France

Whether it’s a contemporary or a more traditional look you are after – Woodwarm Stoves France supply innovation and attention to detail …

guest room

The Perfect Guest Room

“Oh isn’t this room just lovely.” Now that’s what you want to hear, whether it’s friends and family or paying guests …

Word of the Week: “Pouvoir”

This is a double-edged word that can go to your head or put you in control of your own destiny and it has a way of always making its way to the media headlines. Let’s look at the word pouvoir

The Cost of Buying a Property in France

When buying a property in France it is easy to get overwhelmed by the various costs involved. It can also be difficult to define the exact costs of an individual service, and furthermore, to know what you should pay for each service. This article endeavours to breakdown the various costs involved in buying a property and give the average prices.

Leasing – an alternative to car hire

If you’ve decided to get around France or Europe by car, you may have assumed that hiring a vehicle is the only way to go. But depending on which countries you plan to visit and the length of time you’ll need the car, a more economical option may be leasing.

The Best of Both Worlds

Gwyn Brooke is South African, married with two teenage children, has a passion for people and travel and divides her time between Nice and Dubai…

An Antipodean property search

Ange and Bruce intended to move to Finland. After four years in France, one beautiful daughter and a baby on the way, they share the story of the road that led them to Agen – an acronym of Ange… coincidence?

My Life as an Artisan in France

After 10 years spent living and working in London as a painter and decorator, Giles Stonor moved to France and established himself as an artisan. Amongst his biggest projects was the restoration of a Chartreuse in the Dordogne. Here Giles tells FrenchEntrée his story.

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Working up an Appetite

Louise Molloy travelled to France from Australia to seek a retreat for artists and writers suitable for vegetarians. She discovered tranquility, time and space in a productive environment at Atelier de la Rose.

Behind the label: Rhône wines

Wine expert Tom Gilbey continues his tour of French wine regions with a visit to the Rhône Valley, home to famous bottlings such as Châteauneuf and Crozes Hermitage.

Thermal spa break booked?

Not everyone knows what it’s like to make travel arrangements for people with physical or mental disabilities. Box-On-Line is trying to help make travel preparation easier for members of France Parkinson Le MANS (Sarthe).

‘Fly in, fly out’ ski resort

British investors are taking a growing interest in the French Alps which attract both keen skiers who want altitude resorts and ‘lifestyle’ buyers more interested in living in authentic Alpine villages with a wide range of year round activities.

Coffee culture in Paris

When I lived and worked in Paris, coffee was the one thing that continually frustrated me. How could a country which is famous for its food and wine, serve such bad coffee? Rachel Guernier investigates.

La Troupe d’Acteurs du Quercy

Since I last wrote a few words about my exploits with La Troupe d’Acteurs du Quercy things have moved on. Well, they do don’t they? The sands of time and all that. From a personal point of view I have really enjoyed the opportunity to murder a few people…

Why I went to live in Paris

Melbourne born Rachel Bajada spent 11 years in Sydney before deciding to up sticks and move to Paris where she has been based for the last two years (or near enough). Here she tells FrenchEntrée what brought her to France.

Leaving Minnesota for the Lot et Garonne

When Katie and her husband moved from the US to France, they bought a vineyard in the Vendée before taking on a farmhouse in Lot et Garonne. Here she tells FrenchEntrée about their journey so far and the cookery website that is keeping her busy.

New Issue of Frenchentrée Magazine out Now!

We are delighted to announce that the new edition of FrenchEntrée Magazine is out now, and it’s as packed as ever with delightful travel, lifestyle and property features from all over France. There’s plenty of seasonal fare to enjoy, including


When sisters Judi and Gail from Australia made their first trip to Europe, tour organiser Carolyn suggested they spend time in Paris (Île-de-France) and Beaune (Burgundy) on their way to Avignon (Provence).

About Us

FrenchEntrée is the complete online solution to buying French property and living in France. Search a wide range of properties for sale in France.

Meet Topic Hosts Pierre and Rachel

Pierre and Rachel Guernier (originally from France and England respectively) run a French language school in Sydney where around 90 students have French lessons each term. Their company, French Moments, was set up in 2006 and is all about embracing French language and culture.

Raymond Blanc’s Eastern Promise

No place in France excites culinary legend Raymond Blanc quite like the eastern region where he was born. Here we reveal where to visit, stay and eat in Franche-Comté, Burgundy and Alsace

The viaduct

Corrèze, the Millau Viaduct and the Seaside

You are probably fed up with me always telling you how wonderful the French people are, and how amazing the architecture is and how stunningly beautiful are the hamlets and villages of rural France. Well this episode is slightly different and has a uniquely British slant to it.

A culinary journey in Languedoc-Roussillon

Languedoc-Roussillon is a real culinary crossroads. From Catalan cuisine to the specialities of the Cévennes, there’s a wide array of choices on offer. Travel agency Océanides Réceptif has sought out the best local restaurants and chosen hotels and B&Bs where gastronomic cuisine is a priority.

Running an online shop from Alsace

Hayley Flurer from South Africa moved to Strasbourg in November 2009 and discovered a novel way of earning a living (and meeting new people) even before she had mastered the language. The best bit is that anyone can join in, anywhere in France.

Thumbs up

Where do French people go on holiday?

Signs announcing a shop or restaurant is ‘fermé pour les congés annuels’ are a familiar sight in France during the summer. Whilst you’re on holiday, so are the French, many of whom will take four weeks off in one go. But where do they go?

A French autoroute near Avignon

The autoroute in France: An infographic

The autoroute in France is familiar to us all. From north to south, east to west, from Lyon down to the Riviera on the mythical, almost sensory route du soleil, a humble stretch of French road can be a source of holiday

Visa requirement for health insurance

British citizens don’t need a visa to stay or work in France. But all EU citizens still need health insurance if they are planning to live permanently in France. For FrenchEntrée readers in the US, Australia and beyond, you require a valid health insurance certificate as a prerequisite to obtaining a visa.

Expats meeting

Clubs & Associations for Expats in Grenoble

It is claimed that Grenoble has one of the biggest Anglophone communities of any French city. Coming to live in France doesn’t mean you should only spend time with French people. There is all manner of pan-European activity.

Cabinet Madier3

School Selection

Which school? There are around 57,000 nursery and primary schools and 7,400 lycées in France so there is plenty of choice ! But of course most people will want to know where the nearest schools are in relation to an area they might consider moving to. A good place to start is to check the website of the nearest Académie…

Maison des Bulliats Real Life Wine Story

“Approaching retirement from our university teaching careers, we were ready for new challenges, making a product that we both enjoy – red wine! ” – British couple describe their steep learning curve since buying a vineyard in 2005…

From Nice to Mougins – Part 3

A Recreational Tour of the Riviera By Justin Postlethwaite, Editor Part Three – Into the Country For part trois of my Riviera triple bill, a twenty-minute drive takes me past Antibes (delightful, historic, arty) and Cannes (obviously plush on the

village in the lot

Buying A Dream House in the Lot et Garonne

My love affair with France began nearly 20 years ago, when I was 18 years old. I was drawn to France, why – I don’t know. I had never been to France, never experience the French culture or food; I just knew I wanted to be there someday. I used to dream and believe by the time I was 35, I would live 6 months in Australia and 6 months in France…

a set of keys

Running a Property Management Company in Deux-Sèvres

Penny and Ken Smith have been running their property management company Complete Property Care for the last six years. Situated in a small village called Neuvy Bouin roughly 20 minutes from Parthenay, in Deux Sèvres, they look after properties within a 50 minute radius, and are currently managing 10 properties…