Taste of the Terroir: Alsace

Every region of France has a unique personality and Alsace is no different: more pork is consumed here than anywhere else in the country, fried carp and chips is the norm and its speciality foods have a distinctly German flavour.

Book review: Virgile’s Vineyard, Patrick Moon

Virgile’s Vineyard Patrick Moon, Matador, £9.99 This is an expanded version of Virgile’s Vineyard: A Year in the Languedoc Wine Country, which was first published in 2003, and has been produced to sate popular demand. It’s an autobiographical tale of upping sticks, abandoning a career as a solicitor and

BNIA (Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l'Armagnac)

The beginner’s guide to Armagnac

Southwest France is a treasure chest of history to be discovered and one of its oldest riches is the noble brandy Armagnac. Armagnac is France’s most time-honoured spirit that was first recognised in 1310 when Prior Vital Dufour vaunted the

vineyard house

Property Update: Top Tips on Buying a Vineyard

For those relocating to France and looking for a business opportunity vineyards can be a very appealing option, after all they are a wine lover’s paradise. The reality of running a vineyard is that it is both rewarding and hard work. Here are our top ten tips about purchasing a vineyard…

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Learning how to taste wine

Wine is a complex beverage, or at least it should be, and to understand a wine’s complexity and depth you need to analyze it.

Taste of the terroir: The Île d’Oléron

The Île d’Oléron, off the west coast of the Charente-Maritime region, boasts a lengthy tradition of gastronomy. Daily markets take place all over the island, from the towns of Saint-Denis and Saint-Georges to La Bréeles-Bains and Dolus, showcasing over 90

Vineyards in Provence Photo by Ralf Via Flickr

The AOC Wines of Provence

Vines existed in Provence before the Greeks arrived in 600 B.C.; however it was first the Greeks, followed by the Romans, who introduced systematic growing and pruning techniques to Provence. The region has 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and very little rain – the classic Mediterranean climate …

Events Listing for Alsace-Lorraine

Join the locals in celebrating the heritage of this region and its regional delicacies at events across Alsace and Lorraine. From January’s Fête de la Montagne to December’s Fête Saint Nicolas, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

red grapes in a vineyard

Looking to buy a vineyard in France?

With more than 123,000 hectares, the Bordeaux vineyards are the largest vine region in the world. Amongst the 10,000 châteaux dotted around this area, you can find vineyards which produce some of the most renowned wines in the world.

Behind the label: Rhône wines

Wine expert Tom Gilbey continues his tour of French wine regions with a visit to the Rhône Valley, home to famous bottlings such as Châteauneuf and Crozes Hermitage.

Bergerac wine: Behind the label

Wine expert Chris Skyrme looks at the terroir, grapes and winemaking styles that are giving Begerac’s wine an increasingly good name, from sweet Monbazillac to red Pécharmant.

The mystery of champagne

If you’ve been to Champagne already, you’ll know that compared to other wine growing regions of France it’s actually quite a small area. Why is that?

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Property for Sale in Corsica

FrenchEntrée is pleased to announce that it now offers property for sale in Corsica. Houses and apartments on the island, located between France and Italy, offer some spectacular sea views.

Wine farming in Dordogne

Caroline Feely left her job as an IT consultant in Ireland to pursue her dream of wine farming with husband, Sean, in France. From Château Haut Garrigue – their new base in the Dordogne – the couple juggle the demands of running an organic vineyard and raising their two girls.

The Vineyards of Limousin

Although not immediately recognised as a wine producing region, Limousin has, from ancient times produced its own range of wines. Through periods of adverse weather and prolific diseases the production has fluctuated and at times completely disappeared but today the proud tradition of Limousin wine is alive and well.

Marcillac Wine

Marcillac is situated towards the north west of Aveyron at the foot of the « causses », blessed with a « micro-climate » giving rise to its milder winters and hence the production of its Marcillac wine. Red wine is predominant product of Marcillac, although rosé is also allowed within the AOC.

Beaujolais wine in the Saone et Loire

Did you know that certain Grand Cru Beaujolais wines are actually grown, harvested and produced in Burgundy? The transition between the Maçonnais area and Beaujolais is difficult to decipher, …

Bastides & Gaillac Property Guide

This area is called the “Golden Triangle” by the estate agents as it forms a triangle between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel, which is a stunning hill top bastide town.

The Upper Tarn Valley Property Guide

This area follows the river Tarn. Coming from the west on the A68 it includes many towns such as Lisle sur Tarn, Rabastens, Albi and Gaillac. If you follow the river east after Albi,If you follow the river east after Albi you can find Saint-Juery, Ambialet and Trebas where the fantastic Gorges du Tarn can be explored.

Languedoc-Roussillon Autumn Wines

September is the most exciting time in the winemaker’s calendar as the harvest begins. For the wine-lover, the change in temperature and the shorter days means an equally exciting shift in drinking habits.

Blanquette de Limoux Sparking Wine

A visit to the region would not be complete without a taste of this sparkling gem – a dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied wine with fruity aromas, a clean taste and a long full finish. Find out more about the legend behind the wine and where to find it.
“Blanquette de Limoux”

Blanquette de Limoux Sparkling Wine

A visit to the region would not be complete without a taste of this sparkling gem – a dry, creamy-textured, full-bodied wine with fruity aromas, a clean taste and a long full finish. Find out more about the legend behind the wine and where to find it.
“Blanquette de Limoux”

What is a Bordeaux Chateau’s Second Wine?

Image not found.With the great Bordeaux becoming more and more pricy every year, it is only natural to look occasionally for bargains, and there may be no better wine bargains available today than the “second wines” of the great Chateaux of Bordeaux. There are certain rules that govern the making of such wines …

Tarn Food & Drink

Whatever food or drink you like, you will never be hungry or thirsty in the Tarn. Tarn specialities are wide-ranging and full of flavour including specialities such as Truffles, Cepes, Wild Boar, Veal, Garlic, Echaudés Biscuits, Jambon de Lacaune,Pumpkin Pancakes which can all be accompanied by wines from Gaillac.

New Build

New Build Homes in Provence

Attracted by the character, charm and in most cases the price of old stone houses and barns in Provence, the Brits and Americans have been busy buying them up for the purpose of complete renovation, or at best modernization. This is in complete bewilderment to their French neighbors …

The Wines of the Côtes du Rhône

The Rhone Valley, by its very nature, has always been the ideal route between the Mediterranean and northern Europe and the Atlantic. The Ancient Greeks used the Rhone to travel into the heart of Gaul to carry out trade …

An Introduction to Wine

A brief introduction to wine, its components and how it is made. Wine is produced from the fermented juice of the grapes of the Vitis Vinifera, a species of vine known to man for millennia. A number of natural factors are important …

Beer Making in the Quercy

Not content with buying their own vineyard in the Quercy, nor with winning medals every year for their Coteaux de Quercy wine, David and Sarah Meakin have teamed up with Stuart Jones and set up their own brewery…

Languedoc Roussillon Restaurants

The passionate region of the Languedoc Roussillon delights in its strong culinary traditions which are attributed to the unique and diverse blend of its multi-cultural peoples. Here we showcase some of the chefs and restaurants which are putting Languedoc cuisine on the map, as well as some more traditional restaurants which are highly recommended! Bon Appetit! “Restaurants in Languedoc-Roussillon”

All About Cognac

The English, Dutch and Scandiavians have been enjoying the wines of Poitou Charente since as early as the 13th Century. In the 16th Century the wines were transformed into …


The Winegrower’s Year

The Annual Cycle of a Cahors Wine Vineyard The cycle of the winegrower’s year starts in the spring with the pruning. Since we have only a small area, we have the luxury of starting fairly late, usually the beginning of

Tarte aux noix Photo by Ly L

Walnut tart from Quercy

If you happen to be in the Quercy in late autumn, after the vendage but before the cold weather sets in, this is the recipe you will need. There are many, many versions of tarte aux noix, and this is a tried and regularly tested favourite…

Regional Products of the Lot et Garonne

Fruit growing is a speciality of the département which is renowned for its plums (the famous pruneaux d’Agen), strawberries, succulent melons and the pomme d’amour, Marmande tomatoes. Good quality wines are produced in the Duras and Buzet regions, and…