My interior design business in France

Julie Kilgallon is a qualified interior designer based on the French Riviera. She grew up in Manchester and was inspired by her mother’s soft furnishing business to pursue a career in interior design.

Our boys have grown up in the vineyards

In 2009 Paul and Isla Gordon moved from New Zealand to Languedoc-Roussillon where they set up Domaine La Sarabande. FrenchEntrée finds out why they came to France, the challenges involved and what advice they would give others.

The mystery of champagne dispelled

You may have thought to yourself, why does champagne cost so much? And that’s a very good question. However, when we understand how this famous drink is made, the time, dedication and passion that is put into it, we could be asking ourselves, why is it so cheap?


Aude Grapevine (formerly Brits in Carcassonne)

Louise Elsom has been living in the Languedoc for four years and in January 2012 launched Brits in Carcassonne now called Aude Grapevine, hosting regular events in a bid to bring English speakers together to share advice and tips on living in France.

Art of Provence

The Art of Living in Provence

Few places in France boast such a rich artistic heritage as Provence, which has long provided a stunning backdrop to the work of great painters. For Justin Postlethwaite, the art angle is just one of many good reasons to head south

Real estate investment

Fixed Rate French Mortgages

The economic challenges of the past few years have created uncertainty in the European financial sector. As a consequence it has become increasingly difficult to predict future patterns in Eurozone interest rate movements. The good news is that the French mortgage market is well equipped to protect borrowers against future interest rate fluctuations.

Ajaccio apartment

Property for Sale in Corsica

FrenchEntrée is pleased to announce that it now offers property for sale in Corsica. Houses and apartments on the island, located between France and Italy, offer some spectacular sea views.

Renovated Riviera

A Guest Blog from Rebecca Russell of Côte Abode To renovate or not to renovate, that is the question I am often asked. Buying a place that needs work is the less-expensive option and usually allows you to gain more

Finding French food in Sydney

Sandra Beeston is a French-Australian expat who has been living in Sydney for six years. In that time, she has researched all the best places to find her French home comforts from baguettes to steak frites. Here are her favourite addresses.

An Australian author in France

My French Life and French Essence are two books that tell the story of how life changed after Vicki – who was living in Sydney – bought a farmhouse in Provence and moved the family to France.

A home from home in France

Wide open spaces, uncrowded beaches, a sunny climate suited to an active outdoor lifestyle, great wines, historical buildings and friendly locals are just some reasons why the Vendée coast offers Australians a home from home in France.

How to Spend £100,000 in Brittany

If you have £100,000 to spend on a coastal property in France, what can you get for your money? FrenchEntrée Property Consultant Gaëlle Perreaux looks at the options in Brittany and the south of France

Working from home in Brittany

Nicky Whenman moved from Essex to Malestroit in Brittany six years ago. Here, she tells FrenchEntrée why she chose to settle in the region and how she found a way to work from home so she could be there for her children.

The viaduct

Corrèze, the Millau Viaduct and the Seaside

You are probably fed up with me always telling you how wonderful the French people are, and how amazing the architecture is and how stunningly beautiful are the hamlets and villages of rural France. Well this episode is slightly different and has a uniquely British slant to it.

The Dordogne and Its Caves

Image not found.The famous Dordogne caves (grottes) are situated at various sites throughout the region. Created originally by glaciation and water erosion, they take many forms and are fascinating for all ages.

Have we got newsletters for you?

At FrenchEntrée we produce regular, up-to-the-minute bulletins on a diverse range of subjects. And the great news is, they’re all free and no-obligation. If you’re hoping to begin your French property search in 2011, the monthly French Property Tips is

Who Wouldn’t Want to Retire Here?

The joys of life in South West France are known to millions of regular visitors. The region boasts such scope, such diversity of topography – from the Biarritz beaches to the rolling hills of Périgord and the inviting peaks of

Alpine Property for the Summer

Who says that France’s ski resorts are just for skiing? There are plenty which attract tourists all year round, with the chance to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities (no snow required!) in beautiful surroundings. As a result, they provide

Why Buy in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a town dedicated to art, culture and tradition. Celebrities, artists and writers all fell under its spell in the 1950s. Back then one could bump into Picasso, Francoise Sagan and Jacques Prévert amongst others…

education in France photo by Jarmoluk via Fotolia

French State Education – an Introduction

French state education is well-organised, well-funded and with generally average to high standards in comparison to other European countries. The state system is also complemented by a comprehensive network of Private Schools including international schools…

Classroom with Teenagers

Secondary Schools in France

Secondary education is compulsory until the age of 16 and includes attendance at a college until age 15. At 15 the next steps are decided by examination. The higher ranking students will have the opportunity…

From Nice to Mougins – Part 2

A Recreational Tour of the Riviera By Justin Postlethwaite, Editor Part Two – Cultural Interlude I rise early to clear skies and a self-imposed, packed cultural agenda. Many half-decent hotels are, like mine, within walking distance of the beach, so

From Nice to Mougins – Part 1

What do you do when you return to a familiar French city? Try something different, of course. FrenchEntrée Magazine Editor Justin Postlethwaite heads south for a three-part tour of the Riviera…

July Top Tips For Your Limousin Garden

Summertime and the living is easy………. Or so the song would have us believe. All the Indications so far this year and future predictions, are for a return to the traditional French summer which equates to a very warm July and August, anyone remember August 03?


Prades Property Guide

For many the main draw of Prades and its surrounding villages is that the location is practically equidistant from both the skiing in the Eastern Pyrenees and the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. But to simply state that Prades gives you the best access to both the mountains and the coast is to miss out on its other excellent qualities. “Prades Property”


Loire Property Guide

Taking its name from the 800-mile long river that runs through it, the Pays de la Loire covers a diverse region.
The Loire-Atlantique and Vendee have lovely harbours and sandy beaches, while inland, the Loire valley has beautiful rolling countryside, fairytale chateaux, and vineyards producing some of the best wines anywhere. The Loire is a thriving region…

Not sure about France? Rent first!

Image not found.Hilary and Arthur Moore were pretty certain they wanted to move to France. But to be sure – and to know that they had chosen the right part of France – they rented first. Here Arthur explains why it was the best thing they could have done.

A Crash Course on Creuse

The department of the Creuse is situated in the center of France, within the region of Limousin.
Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution

Sommelier in the wine cellar

Starting a Wine Cellar

Do you love wine and dream of having a wine cellar of your own instead of just buying a bottle when needed? This simple guide to starting a wine cellar will show you how to go about it.

Cotes D'Armor badge

Cotes d’Armor Property

If your budget is large and your French is limited then consider buying on the Cotes d’Armor. This department is traditionally the most popular with British buyers, and is consequently …


A Holiday Home in Finistere

“Lesconil Harbour”Richard and Margaret Hadley bought a holiday home in a small coastal village in the Breton department of Finistere nearly eight years ago, and enjoy holidaying there for two months…

Vins de Pays

Grahame Martin, Wine Writer, explains…
“Put simply, Vins de Pays wines are a step up from Vin de Table, and a step down from Vin Délimité de Qualite Supérieure, which, in turn is just…”

‘My wonderful French life’

Artist and chef Tessa Baker has led a seriously eventful life – from the time she spilled to wine on Lauren Bacall to sailing around the world. Here she describes what brought her to France and how she has found happiness here

Apartment to let in france

Buy to Let in France

The same basic principles apply to buy to let in France as they do in other countries such as the United States, Ireland and Britain. Before you purchase a property you need to make sure it’s in the right region,

Cerisiers' pool

Successful Gîte Rentals

Jim and Gail moved to the Charente-Maritimes in April 2003. Usual story; they wanted to get out of the rat race in South-East England, and bought a property with a tumble-down wreck attached. But now the wreck is a beautiful gîte, and the couple have discovered the recipe for success with holiday lettings…

Famous People: Yves Thuriès

Yves Thuriès was born on 5th June 1938 in the small bakery of Lempaut (south of Tarn). At 14 years old, he completed his apprenticeship in the pâtisserie Benoît Barné in Castres and obtained his CAP diploma at the age of 17 in Toulouse.

The Agly and Maury Valleys

This forgotten corner of the Languedoc-Roussillon is well worth exploring for its combination of beautiful countryside, picturesque winemaking villages and value for money property.

property guide to northern languedoc

Property Hotspots – Languedoc Roussillon

• “Agly & Maury”
• “Alberes”
• “Bassin de Thau”
• “Capcir & Cerdagne”
• “Castelnaudary”
• “Carcassonne”
• “Ceret”
• “Cevennes”
• “Ceze Valley”
• “Coastal”
• “Collioure”
• “Corbieres”
• “Haut Languedoc”
• “Lauragais”
• “Limoux”
• “Lodeve”
• “Lozere”
• “Minervois”
• “Montpellier”
• “Narbonne”
• “Nimes”
• “Perpignan”
• “Pezenas”
• “Prades”
• “Pyrenees”
• “Sete”
• “Uzes”
• “Vaunage”

French dictionary

Where are we now?

There are separate articles on the use of à/au/à la/à l’/aux and en, but we will look here are other prepositions of place. Some of these prepositions can be used …


Carcassonne Property

The historic city of Carcassonne and its surrounding area continues to draw property investors, keen to explore the options in this increasingly popular tourist destination, where the property market is seeing an upsurge thanks to improved transport links and its combination of Mediterranean climate and unspoilt landscape. “Carcassonne Property”


Tech Valley vs Tet Valley

Property expert Louise Sayers offers this comprehensive comparison of the Tech and Tet Valleys. Both are popular areas with home hunters who are drawn to the different attributes of each valley.