Events in Centre

From Amboise and Bourges to Tours and Vierzon, the Centre boasts a wide variety of music concerts, sporting events and festivals celebrating local heritage and gastronomy – something for everyone.

Currency Implications of Setting up a Business in France

It’s important to find a way to fund your French dream. However, before you rush to get a job and find yourself in the same old rat race just in a different place, why not consider working for yourself and setting up a business?

Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Preparing your pool for the winter is an essential task that will keep the pool and equipment in good condition ready for quickly re-opening the pool in the spring. Here is a guide to the procedure that should be followed…

cheryl and stephens new build plans from paper to plot

Buying a New Build in France, a Real Story

‘New build’ refers to property that is built by a developer, and which is then offered for sale. Other phrases such as ‘off-plan’ and ‘new developments’ mean essentially the same thing. Here is a true account about buying new build in France…

A Chalet in the Alps

Chris, an Isle of Man Advocate in General Practice, and Vanessa, formerly Head of PE at Island Secondary School, met on the hockey pitch…

Children walking on the beach in France

La rentrée – France’s fourth season

There’s something magical in the air in France each September – a renaissance after the August shut-down, a new beginning after long holidays on the coast and slow summer days at rural retreats. In the blink of an eye, life in France changes.

Vintage decoration

Decorating with Vintage Finds

Brocantes and vide-greniers are addictive! A few well chosen, good quality vintage pieces can mix well with all kinds of décor.

The changing face of French leaseback buying

The Changing Face of French Leaseback Buying

There are many types of guaranteed rental schemes within the international property arena, but the French leaseback scheme which dates back to the 1980’s, could be described as the ‘mother’ of all schemes. It is not simply a short-term developers’

window treatment

French Style Windows, Light And Bright

Whatever your preferred French style – Provençal, Country, Parisian, Chateau or Shabby Chic, something light and airy can help to bring the outdoors inside.

Photo by Raphael Goetter

Wedding etiquette in France

If you are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in France or are planning to get married in France, you may want to have a few pointers as to the correct wedding and dining etiquette to ensure that you don’t commit a terrible faux pas!

My life in Picardy

Elizabeth Whiteman lives in Bury, a small village in the Oise department, close to the town of Mouy, between Chantilly and Beauvais. She is a mother of three and a keen gardener, who also likes to paint her produce.

An American family in Corsica

We ask an American living in Corsica what it’s like to work there, raise her children on the island and what makes the frustrations worthwhile. Cara Straforelli shares some highlights with FrenchEntrée.

Taste of the Terroir

Of the many local products protected by an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) label are five types of cheese: Bleu d’Auvergne, Cantal, Fourme d’Ambert, Saint Nectaire and Salers. See them take shape on the Route des Fromages, which points out 40 places of interest.

What’s on in the Midi-Pyrénées

There are all sorts of events being planned throughout the year in the Midi-Pyrénées region. Here’s our pick of the bunch, from springtime carnivals in Albi and Castres to local food festivals and major music concerts.

Le Parc Australien

This family friendly leisure park in Carcassonne (Languedoc-Roussillon) is run by a team passionate about all things Australian! Inside, you’ll meet animals like the kangaroo, the wallaby, the possum, the emu and the ostrich.

Elephant in Nantes

A Wet and Wild Weekend in Nantes

If Nantes is known for one thing nowadays, it’s the giant mechanical elephant that that since 2007 has roamed the old shipyard on one of its remaining islands. Previously, the same city was better known as ‘the Venice of the West’.

How snails are bred in France

Snails are such a French-associated speciality, and are often ordered from menus by tourists due to the novelty factor. The French eat them because they can be very tasty and satisfying, but where do they actually come from?

Well, snails that are eaten in France are not all gathered from the wild…

‘I set up an animal charity in France’

Phoenix Association is a Dordogne-based charity that exists to deal with the sad plight of the ever-increasing number of abused and abandoned animals in France. Phoenix was established by Richard and Sheelagh Johnson.

Lake Annecy

MGM’s New Lakeside Homes

The popularity of new residential developments around Lake Annecy in the Haute Savoie region of France has prompted the developer to draw up plans for several other new schemes close to what has been dubbed ‘the cleanest lake in Europe.’

Take a Closer Look at the Limousin Tree Population

A thought provoking piece from professional tree surgeon Darren Edwards that helps us better understand the importance of trees in our lives …….. “we can learn a lot about the condition, health and life of a tree just by studying its body language.”

owners Luleen and Frederic Wanklyn

We Share Our Home with Paying Guests

Luleen and Frederic Wanklyn have been living in the Tarn near a village called Lombers (between Albi and Castres) since 2005. They run a chambres d’hôtes for Wolsey Lodges. Luleen talks about the home she shares with paying guests.

Our boys have grown up in the vineyards

In 2009 Paul and Isla Gordon moved from New Zealand to Languedoc-Roussillon where they set up Domaine La Sarabande. FrenchEntrée finds out why they came to France, the challenges involved and what advice they would give others.

Samoens in summer

Year round Holiday Homes in the Alps

The popularity of Samoëns, one of the most picturesque market towns in the French Alps, means that MGM French Properties has sold all but 18 of the 70 apartments it is building at Les Chardons Argentés, its sixth development in the town.

“Our first place cost us €50,000”

Australians Sharon and David Stratford fell in love with France on their first visit to the country in 1995. The Stratfords have since gone on to purchase three properties in France and now help other Australians through the French property purchasing process.

Clignacourt frames

A Thrifty Weekend

Porte de Clignacourt is home to the famous Marché aux Puces. The surrounding streets reveal more covered markets and brocantes where art deco furniture, oversized mirrors, frames and fine art can be purchased.

ariege mirepoix

Buying property in the Ariège

This is a region where there really is property to suit every taste and every budget and it is well located with a great climate, summer and winter. Much of the Ariège is within an hour of Toulouse.

‘Fly in, fly out’ ski resort

British investors are taking a growing interest in the French Alps which attract both keen skiers who want altitude resorts and ‘lifestyle’ buyers more interested in living in authentic Alpine villages with a wide range of year round activities.

What’s On in Paris

The programme of concerts and shows, sporting and cultural events on offer in Paris ensures visitors come back time and time again. From foodies to film buffs, everyone is catered for.

The Laws of Pool Security

Pool security is a legal must in France. There are four government approved methods – here is an explanation of the pros and cons of fencing, alarms, covers and abris.